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The Haunted re-signs with Century Media

Friday, December 4, 2009 12:37 PM PT

Swedish metal outfit The Haunted has officially signed a new worldwide deal with Century Media Records, which released the group's last three albums.

Frontman Peter Dolving comments: "So once again we've decided to sign with Century Media Records. It feels good to get continuation, and truly having worked hard on communication on both ends over these last years, has brought us together in ways that I believe a lot of bands/managements/labels only dream of. Long-term goals, open agendas, and a Norse/German stubborn attitude seem so be something we find a mutual trust and strength in and we're really looking forward to a continued cooperation with our friends/partners at Century Media. It is a strange thing this, the business of music, but like everything else, it seems to come down to hard work, earnestness, straight talk and respect."


12/4/2009 12:40:03 PM
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12/4/2009 1:00:22 PM
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12/4/2009 1:31:48 PM
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12/4/2009 3:12:20 PM
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12/4/2009 3:45:38 PM
No care after One Kill Wonder

12/4/2009 3:52:15 PM
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12/4/2009 5:53:24 PM
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12/4/2009 6:40:51 PM
norse german stubborn attitude. i didnt know stubborn was exclusive to those ppl. fck your band homo.

12/5/2009 12:43:09 AM
AT first I thought it said that they resigned...

12/5/2009 4:21:42 AM
have fun becoming a slave for this shitty label.

12/5/2009 7:10:47 AM
Good to see friends and trust can be made in this industry....and this cold cold world.

12/5/2009 7:54:29 PM
Damn I haven't listened to anything they've put out since Revolver....hmm.....write better shit?

12/6/2009 6:34:17 PM
"SunnyvaleTrash 12/4/2009 3:45:38 PM No care after One Kill Wonder"

12/7/2009 11:45:21 AM
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12/7/2009 11:45:44 AM
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