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Dimebag Darrell/Pantera tribute CD detailed

Wednesday, December 02, 2009 1:31 PM PT

Official press release:

The Dimebag Darrell tribute CD with tracks from Machine Head, Five Finger Death Punch, Zakk Wylde and more will come packaged with issue 200 of Metal Hammer – on sale December 16th.

Metal Hammer are honoured to pay tribute to the one and only Dimebag Darrell on December 16th. We've rounded up some of the biggest and best names from the world of metal to unleash their interpretations of the hardest and heaviest tracks from the Pantera back-catalogue.

The full tracklisting runs:

01. Zakk Wylde - "Suicide Note, Pt. 1"
02. Machine Head - "Fucking Hostile"
03. Malefice - "I'm Broken"
04. Avenged Sevenfold - "Walk"
05. Evile - "Cemetary Gates"
06. Five Finger Death Punch - "A New Level"
07. Biohazard - "Mouth For War"
08. Sylosis - "Strength Beyond Strength"
09. Chimaira - "Slaughtered"
10. Unearth - "Sandblasted Skin"
11. Throwdown - "Becoming"
12. Kiaus - "This Love"
13. This Is Hell - "Rise"

We spoke to Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn about their decision to cover the "Vulgar Display Of Power" classic, "Fucking Hostile."

"It was either that or 'Strength Beyond Strength' from '‘Far Beyond Driven,'" said Flynn. "In the end, we decided that we wanted to do a classic. We chose 'Fucking Hostile' because it's two and a half minutes of pure, raging metal. It's short, fast and brutal.”

"There's some real intricate riffing parts in there," continues Flynn. "We'd jammed it before but we'd never sat down and analyzed it properly. I think we did a great job on it."


12/2/2009 1:35:42 PM
What the fck is This Is Hell doing on there?

12/2/2009 1:38:03 PM
rip dimebag

12/2/2009 1:44:14 PM
here's something the world needed...

12/2/2009 1:45:08 PM
Yeah, Throwdown...

12/2/2009 1:49:53 PM
I think we did a great job on it.

12/2/2009 1:52:42 PM
"I showed the song to my mom and she though it was pretty good" -Robb Flynn

12/2/2009 1:54:36 PM
Because this is necessary.

12/2/2009 1:55:27 PM
"I showed the song to my mom and she though it was pretty good" -John Thompson

12/2/2009 1:59:59 PM
Why the hell is pantera doing a cover of their own song.

12/2/2009 2:02:48 PM
omg the a7x cover will be the most amazing thing my ears have ever heard

12/2/2009 2:03:10 PM
this is hell loves doing covers

12/2/2009 2:11:19 PM
"I showed my dong to my mom and she though it was pretty good" -Errol Flynn

12/2/2009 2:14:42 PM
godfreyj0nes 12/2/2009 1:59:59 PM Why the hell is pantera doing a cover of their own song. LOL

12/2/2009 2:14:47 PM
avenged sevenfold should "walk" in front of a bus.

12/2/2009 2:15:14 PM
It's been five years....so.....

12/2/2009 2:16:07 PM
whoa avenged 7fold doing "walk". i'd better keep the volume down on my car stereo i don't want my doors to blow off from the brutality.

12/2/2009 2:19:29 PM
why god why

12/2/2009 2:28:13 PM

12/2/2009 3:01:18 PM
Wow, a bunch of shit bands ruining Pantera songs and pissing on Dime's legacy, awesome.

12/2/2009 3:25:50 PM
Garbage beyond garbage.

12/2/2009 3:36:47 PM
We did not need a 20th cover of Walk.

12/2/2009 3:44:17 PM
the A7X version of Walk is already available on iTunes, I downloaded it myself already...not that bad for what it is

12/2/2009 3:44:45 PM
dimebag is rolling over in his grave right now

12/2/2009 3:53:44 PM
really wish this didnt have those random bands picking all the good songs. can't wait to hear the biohazard song.

12/2/2009 4:05:49 PM
a bunch of shitty local bands are getting together to play a memorial show on the 8th of this month...will probably be just as good as this album...though zakk wylde doing "suicide note pt.1" should be pretty sweet

12/2/2009 4:19:26 PM
lol who didnt see throwdown coming.....still pretty fcking gay

12/2/2009 4:21:30 PM
Sandblasted Skin is such a fcking awesome song, I wonder how Unearth is going to incorperate a massive breakdown into it. Ugh.

12/2/2009 4:22:38 PM
The members of A Perfect Murder couldn't be reached?

12/2/2009 4:30:07 PM
That list of bands could not be any funnier to me unless Emmure was on it.

12/2/2009 4:40:54 PM
Dimebag seemed cool, this CD does not seem cool.

12/2/2009 5:00:04 PM
i never gave a fck about pantera. no one i know will be buying this shit

12/2/2009 5:05:51 PM
Gay gay gay fcking gay shit list of bands.

12/2/2009 5:16:26 PM

12/2/2009 5:32:14 PM
I figured if any band would be on here it would be A Perfect Murder

12/2/2009 5:52:16 PM
Wow, no "Domination"?

12/2/2009 6:06:10 PM
no suicide note pt 2, no care

12/2/2009 6:14:05 PM
a7x and five finger pssy punch...fail

12/2/2009 6:23:07 PM
Seriously, fck XthrowdownX.

12/2/2009 6:40:31 PM
anselmo has lost his fcking mind

12/2/2009 7:43:07 PM
Is it any surprise that Throwdown is on this?

12/2/2009 7:53:58 PM
i thought throwdowns last 3 albums were pantera tributes already? and where the fck is hellyeah? nathangaleflip...

12/2/2009 7:57:05 PM
Get the fck over it already.

12/2/2009 8:44:49 PM
No one gives a fck but pretty sweet that This is Hell is on this.

12/2/2009 11:26:27 PM
Sylosis will shred that shit up!

12/2/2009 11:28:32 PM
THIS IS COMPLETE FAILURE. Domination should have definitely been on this list.

12/2/2009 11:43:25 PM
degoyaco 12/2/2009 3:44:45 PM dimebag is rolling over in his grave right now

12/2/2009 11:43:59 PM
bodybag darrell

12/2/2009 11:57:33 PM
did that dude seriously ask why pantera was covering their own songs. wowwwwwwww

12/3/2009 3:09:27 AM
shitty modern metalcore rejoices

12/3/2009 3:17:32 AM
well now that throwdown is pretty much a pantera cover band anyway, i guess this is their crowning achievement.

12/3/2009 3:31:41 AM
degoyaco 12/2/2009 3:44:45 PM dimebag is rolling over in his grave right now

12/3/2009 7:54:58 AM
the fact that sevenfold is on here even at all, let alone the track they are doing is like shooting him in the face again.

12/3/2009 8:28:24 AM
rip dimebag. quit fcking bitching who's on the album damn.

12/3/2009 9:46:21 AM
A7xs cover of Walk has been around for awhile, and it is actually pretty good.

12/3/2009 10:07:37 AM
A7X was on kerrang's anniversary issue CD some years ago. talk about recycling. hahaha.

12/3/2009 3:32:12 PM
will listen in my Black Label Society Vest

12/3/2009 3:56:39 PM
worth less than a dimebag.

12/3/2009 6:58:01 PM
this looks terrible. well, pantera is terrible and the best thing to happen to music was shooting this peice of shit.

12/3/2009 9:33:40 PM
"Far Beyond Livin'"

12/3/2009 10:39:50 PM
What crap.

12/3/2009 11:15:48 PM
five finger death punch? really. what is this world coming to?

12/4/2009 1:15:22 AM
dimebag darrell is fcking glad he was murdered so he didn't have to see this pile of shit released

12/4/2009 11:30:04 AM
Jesus christ I don't want to hear any more Pantera for the rest of my life. Dimebag RIP but his music isn't current or fresh and won't ever be no matter how much A7X wants to change that. 90% of the bands on this list are shit.

12/4/2009 6:26:08 PM
douchebag darrel

12/5/2009 12:29:49 AM
talking shit on dimebag and PANTERA?! really?!?! you fcking LG morons know nothing about music do you?! god, this place makes me sad. just YOUR favorite band sucks in comparison. yeah, i said it PELICAN sucks.

12/5/2009 12:30:59 AM
hahaha, booze is fun.

12/6/2009 12:10:48 AM
this couldve been so good.

12/6/2009 12:49:39 PM
Seriously? fck Dimebag Darrell. He is a poser for getting shot on stage....only posers die. Once again, fck DIMEBAG DARRELL. I am so glad I don't have to listen to his "widdly-wah's" anymore.

12/6/2009 6:11:26 PM
winds of plague was supposed to be on this