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Converge, Genghis Tron tour dates (Australia)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009 8:49 PM PT

Converge and Genghis Tron will tour Australia together in March. Dates include:

03/16 Perth @ Amplifier
03/17 Adelaide @ Fowlers
03/18 Melbourne @ Corner
03/19 Sydney @ Manning Bar
03/20 Brisbane @ Hi Fi


11/24/2009 8:51:06 PM
First post... by the way, gay that Australia gets this and not us.

11/24/2009 8:51:28 PM

11/24/2009 10:04:22 PM
zero care, both shit bands, stay out of my country

11/24/2009 10:59:09 PM
stay in australia.

11/24/2009 11:25:26 PM
Fight me @ Hi Fi.

11/25/2009 12:14:45 AM
jealous. needs to come to canada. haters = attack attack fans

11/25/2009 12:38:10 AM
no, thanx.

11/25/2009 12:51:47 AM
converge mosh r00lz

11/25/2009 6:01:30 AM
attack attack mosh roolz!

11/25/2009 7:31:36 AM

11/25/2009 9:41:43 AM
I only want converge to tour with Genghis Tron so I can see them do Wretched World.

11/25/2009 11:07:39 AM
NEVER come back.

11/25/2009 10:04:06 PM

11/26/2009 12:13:35 PM
i wanna know how good the head that ghengis tron is for them to get jake bannon's endorstufft. hate that fcking band. drive on the wrong side of the road and die please.

11/27/2009 4:32:30 AM
gt is fcking amazing. Told jacob bannon a few weeks ago to take genghis tron on tour with them and end sets with Wretched World, now I'm pissed that this tour isn't US. fckkkkkkk.

11/27/2009 5:27:44 AM
analfavors 11/24/2009 10:59:09 PM stay in australia.

11/28/2009 2:48:10 PM
Genghis Tron is so fcking annoying. Digital bullshit band and they are a fcking mess live.

11/30/2009 6:08:08 PM
Australia gets this and we get Crimson Armada tours? I quit music.