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Bane set to release new EP

Monday, November 02, 2009 7:24 PM PT

Official press release:

Founded on beliefs that are in short supply within the current underground music scene, Massachusetts Bane has established themselves as one of the most influential and relevant bands in hardcore today. Since their inception, they've become one of the scene's hardest working bands touring the world over and releasing three full-length's: 1999's It All Comes Down To This, 2001's critically acclaimed Give Blood, and 2005's The Note.

Four years have passed since The Note was released, and the members of Bane schedules were looking busier then ever, finding the time to write a new full-length seemed unrealistic. In June 2009, the band booked studio time with Jay Maas at Getaway Studios and decided to go in and record however many new tracks they had at the time. A week later they emerged with six new songs all of them named after American soap operas, all six coming straight from their hearts.

Freed of any obligations from their long-time label Equal Vision Records, the new material will be released on various labels throughout the world, all of which will have their own signature title and cover art for the release. Various photographers were contacted in the different locations around the world where the records would be released and a photo shoot at the exact minute on the same day took place, seven photographers took a picture of their city skyline at that minute, on that day. For some it was 7:58 in the morning, for others 12:58 at night, but they all pulled it off and the photo they took would be the cover and the title of the release for each territory, Tokyo 7:58am, Dublin 11:58pm, Boston 6:58pm, Perth 7:58am and to be released by 6131 Records on December 8th - Los Angeles, 3:58 pm.


11/2/2009 7:28:34 PM
that's pretty wild

11/2/2009 7:30:35 PM

11/2/2009 7:31:18 PM
awesome idea

11/2/2009 7:34:03 PM
pretty sweet.

11/2/2009 7:45:21 PM
Cool as fck.

11/2/2009 7:49:59 PM
first first post. awesome news.

11/2/2009 7:57:51 PM

11/2/2009 8:08:29 PM
fck yeah.

11/2/2009 8:20:15 PM
fck yes

11/2/2009 8:39:20 PM
i'm aroused

11/2/2009 9:31:04 PM
doombox 11/2/2009 7:57:51 PM GIVE BLOOD II PLZ

11/2/2009 10:14:07 PM
, all six coming straight from their hearts. - gag me with a fcking spoon!

11/2/2009 10:59:09 PM
break up now

11/2/2009 11:06:34 PM
that is a pretty cool idea

11/2/2009 11:21:33 PM
once relevant hardcore band now relies on gimmicky ideas to sell records.

11/2/2009 11:45:41 PM
this is fcking good news, for once

11/3/2009 12:00:12 AM
solid concept from a solid band

11/3/2009 1:45:49 AM

11/3/2009 1:55:09 AM
im glad bands are trying to make unique release rather than the same ol shrink wrapped recycled shit

11/3/2009 2:04:59 AM
Sigh of relief, i thought this was about the bane of my existence, From All Within. In other news they upraded to a ford windstar, a lot more sucking room.

11/3/2009 3:45:58 AM
yessss this is good news.

11/3/2009 9:02:19 AM
Bummer there's no mention of the 2 tracks they submitted for the At Both Ends final issue/2x7". Info for that can be found at http://atbothendsmagazine.blogspot.com

11/3/2009 10:52:43 AM

11/3/2009 10:59:04 AM
bane is sick

11/3/2009 11:57:23 AM
BUT WHAT DO ALL OF THE NUMBERS MEAN? 0101011010011000110101101

11/3/2009 2:21:11 PM
go bane, its yo birfday

11/3/2009 2:43:19 PM
december 8th? no

11/3/2009 10:33:10 PM
six new songs all of them named after American soap operas, all six coming straight from their hearts.

11/4/2009 6:06:45 PM
Bane was the first hardcore band I ever saw live. Without them, I probably wouldn't be where I am today. Love this band, love to hear new material