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Sumerian Records signs Upon A Burning Body

Friday, September 4, 2009 9:22 PM PT

According to their management company, Texas metal/hardcore band Upon A Burning Body has signed on with Sumerian Records for the release of their debut full-length, due out in early-2010. The group is currently at the Machine Shop in Weehawken, NJ tracking the effort with Machine and engineer Will Putney. You can check out the band online here.


9/4/2009 9:26:55 PM

9/4/2009 9:28:44 PM
Tight sounds good.Cant wait.

9/4/2009 9:31:07 PM
i'm going breetarded over this.

9/4/2009 9:32:29 PM
ummm what? hardcore? i dont get it...

9/4/2009 9:46:47 PM

9/4/2009 10:01:56 PM
they put on a good show.

9/4/2009 10:17:23 PM

9/4/2009 10:27:52 PM
sleeping body >>>>>>>

9/4/2009 11:10:13 PM
Hardest working dudes ever. Not a big fan of their music, but great guys.

9/4/2009 11:29:46 PM
So stoked there's another new Metal/Hardcore band on a label now

9/5/2009 1:05:42 AM
Lead singer has full sleeves...check Everyone's ears stretched past an inch...check lead singer wearing a white shirt while everyone else wears a black shirt to show how br00tuhl they are...check Hot Topic is going to love the fck out of this.

9/5/2009 2:02:45 AM
do they rip off messhugah like every band on summerian too?

9/5/2009 2:46:35 AM
Good band. gay label with a gay owner.

9/5/2009 4:09:25 AM
Now THIS is originality.......

9/5/2009 4:52:03 AM
not bad....

9/5/2009 10:19:00 AM
good dudes, good meximetal

9/5/2009 12:05:59 PM
I guess signing good bands isn't an option for most labels

9/5/2009 2:22:01 PM
figured this would be happening

9/5/2009 2:47:11 PM
i dont understand how a plain and simple bands like this get signed when theres SO many other bands out there with WAY more talent and skills then these guys.

9/5/2009 3:11:03 PM
Congrats to Lech.

9/5/2009 4:18:58 PM
Music is meh, but I love these dudes, don't know the new drummer but great dudes. satanic blood beast > UABB. Danny knows what's up.

9/5/2009 7:11:52 PM
Good band, stoked to hear this

9/6/2009 2:32:19 AM
Mexican Plugcore.

9/6/2009 5:48:55 AM
"TAKE IT!!!!"

9/6/2009 9:56:08 PM
wtf no way? just like 2 years ago I was hanging around these guys and talking like nothing and now sumerian? what the hell is going on in the world, theyre just metalcore right?

9/7/2009 1:37:39 PM
great guys, who have been working at it for years!

9/7/2009 2:29:57 PM
Great guys, good to see them making progress.

9/7/2009 5:02:25 PM
old news... theyre are better dallas bands than these guys.

9/7/2009 9:12:56 PM
nice guys. i booked them in tennessee like 3 years ago. they must be doing something right.

9/8/2009 3:41:30 AM
keepitwolfson 9/7/2009 5:02:25 PM old news... theyre are better dallas bands than these guys. Except they're not from dallas. San antonio

9/8/2009 5:18:11 AM
nice guys.

9/9/2009 1:22:04 PM
Shit music, generic image, hilarious name. What makes them so special?