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The World We Knew, I Declare War tour dates

Wednesday, August 19, 2009 10:15 PM PT

The World We Knew and I Declare War hit the road together this month for a two-week tour. Dates include:

8/29 Tacoma, WA @ Club Impact
8/30 2009 3:00P Spokane, WA @ The Empyrean
8/31 Twin Falls, ID @ Blood, Sweat, & Shears
9/1 Salt Lake City, UT @ V2
9/2 Grand Junction, CO @ F.O.E.
9/4 Rapid City, SD @ Younglife Building
9/5 Jefferson, SD @ Jefferson Community Center
9/6 Papillion, NE @ The Garage
9/7 New Berlin, WI @ New Berlin VFW Hall
9/8 Springfield, IL @ Blacksheep Cafe
9/10 TBA
9/11 TBA
9/12 Toledo, OH @ Frankies
9/13 Charleroi, PA @ Club Octane
9/14 Rochester, NY @ The Jukebox


8/19/2009 10:24:50 PM

8/19/2009 10:27:10 PM
who? and why do i care

8/19/2009 10:35:22 PM
I'm going to need the year and time for the 8/30 date.

8/19/2009 10:46:27 PM
they should hit the road together face first

8/19/2009 10:51:51 PM
the world we knew are cool dudes wish this was coming here.

8/19/2009 10:57:57 PM
youaresceneasfck 8/19/2009 10:35:22 PM I'm going to need the year and time for the 8/30 date. LOL!

8/19/2009 11:15:40 PM
i dont know what the fck to say

8/19/2009 11:29:48 PM
Good dudes, the lot of 'em.

8/19/2009 11:53:06 PM
Those guys are fcking losers!

8/20/2009 12:21:15 AM
<-- thats about it

8/20/2009 12:22:22 AM
IDW dudes posting on there own thread. lawlzzzz please die? no one ever cared about you or your band

8/20/2009 12:30:19 AM
shit tour 2009! van flip please!

8/20/2009 12:39:08 AM
I know! These guys are the biggest collection of douches I've seen since the trash can in my mom's bathroom!

8/20/2009 12:47:11 AM
Man, I'm gonna go see them in new york. I'm gonna shit in every single one of their drums. Maybe it'll make them sound better.

8/20/2009 12:53:40 AM
dig both bands. come to DC/MD/VA

8/20/2009 1:05:16 AM
IDW is so heavy I shit my entire dick off last time I saw them, that's a true story that never happened. But they are heavy. Jo(h)n's vocals are brutal. fck all ya'll.

8/20/2009 1:39:24 AM
Collective Soul?

8/20/2009 2:56:38 AM
I second the Collective Soul notion.

8/20/2009 3:10:39 AM
I declare war is a joke. No talent in that band. I'd go just to make fun of all of the 14 yr old hot topic fans. Because that's all they'll ever have.

8/20/2009 3:30:42 AM
main page?

8/20/2009 4:33:34 AM
i hate the genre, and i declare war are not really my thing, but those guys are probably the coolest/nicest dudes in washington.

8/20/2009 6:18:21 AM
Just stop.

8/20/2009 9:25:08 AM
^^^ what he said

8/20/2009 1:25:52 PM
I saw the world we knew once, fcking terrible. I assume the other band is as well.

8/20/2009 6:08:58 PM
fck! I just got out of work and had to leave another comment because I can't get over how fcking gay IDW is. Yeah. Your assumption is right. Both bands suck. IDW is like a big bag full of c-cks.

8/20/2009 7:37:47 PM
IDW is a group of no talent hacks. PLEASE, stop making shit music and going on shit tours.

8/20/2009 7:42:08 PM
TWWK are decent dudes, 9/13 maaaybe

8/20/2009 11:39:13 PM
guitarists of idw are huge douchebags.. write better music or just give up