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ORBS (Between The Buried And Me) mini-tour

Thursday, August 13, 2009 10:32 PM PT

Rock outfit ORBS, featuring members of Between The Buried And Me and Fear Before, among others, will tour the East Coast briefly this month. Dates include:

8/20 Macon, GA @ The Refuge w/ Eyris
8/21 Charleston, SC @ Oasis w/ Eyris
8/22 Greensboro, NC @ Legitimate Business w/ Eyris, Sundrone, Collector
8/23 Harrisonburg, VA @ The Artful Dodger w/ Eyris
8/24 Baltimore, MD @ Charm City Art Spac w/ Eyris, Sunlight Ascending
8/25 Philadelphia, PA @ Broad Street Ministry w/ Sunlight Ascending
8/26 Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Roboto Project w/ Sunlight Ascending


8/13/2009 11:22:56 PM
First post.

8/13/2009 11:23:15 PM
firstp opst>

8/14/2009 12:19:02 AM
First time my band has gotten listed somewhere in LG news, hopefully not the last.

8/14/2009 12:54:37 AM
dude, your band is gonna make it..... * inaudible coughing.

8/14/2009 1:13:52 AM
News-only poster speaks out with astonishing insight

8/14/2009 2:42:14 AM
never heard of em.

8/14/2009 9:26:22 AM
it will be the last

8/14/2009 11:06:49 AM
who the fck?

8/14/2009 11:17:14 AM
slamburger fail, can't even do it right. Sundrone is awesome.

8/14/2009 4:12:44 PM
slamburger had to cry and leave a profile commentbecause he doesn't know how to use asterisks. the_butthurt_gay_burger.

8/14/2009 4:29:07 PM
8/25 i'll be there. sounds interesting enough to check out.

8/14/2009 5:42:43 PM
Nice to see this bit of news on here. I'm very excited to play those last 3 dates... I believe Transit and Balance & Composure are playing the 25th as well.

8/14/2009 7:39:37 PM
Also features members of Cradle of Filth, Torch Runner, & Nightbear.

8/14/2009 10:42:40 PM
amazing band, come out west, more specifically Reno

8/15/2009 1:47:18 PM
will be at 8/24.

8/19/2009 1:20:44 AM
That's cool. Won't be at the show, but they're good. So is Eyris.