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Victory Recs signs Before There Was Rosalyn

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 8:29 PM PT

Victory Records has officially signed Houston, Texas metal/hardcore act Before There Was Rosalyn. According to Victory, the band's "message is truly inspirational and their live show is powerful and real." The group will soon enter the studio to record their Victory debut, which will hit stores on October 27th. In the meantime, you can check them out online here.


7/22/2009 8:32:47 PM
*rubs up against barn*

7/22/2009 8:35:01 PM
Victory records is utter shit and should be burned to the ground.

7/22/2009 8:44:23 PM
jesus this moses that. victory records signs flaming pile of shit on old man clemens door step.

7/22/2009 8:49:03 PM
i like religious code words like "powerful" and "real" plus the "This is a ministry first, and a band second" on their page is classic.

7/22/2009 8:50:17 PM
being a "band second" would explain the crap they try and pass off as songs. You would think they would find the kid in church who could actually carry a tune.

7/22/2009 8:52:20 PM
Holy shit. Nice dudes.

7/22/2009 8:54:13 PM
I'm sure they suck

7/22/2009 9:04:00 PM
*beats m_kwd furiously with a billy club*

7/22/2009 9:09:25 PM
fck this band (who's barely made it out of Houston), fck their message, fck their god, and fck their fcking label.

7/22/2009 9:33:10 PM
where is your god now lambgoat?

7/22/2009 10:36:46 PM
not the greatest music.

7/22/2009 10:44:33 PM
shit label signs shit band

7/22/2009 11:10:23 PM
hey victory, quit trolling

7/22/2009 11:13:46 PM
a jesus-loving band signs to Victory. that sums up anything else i'd need to say.

7/23/2009 12:10:59 AM
victory records is shittier than the news only posters

7/23/2009 12:15:07 AM
Jesus is a zombie gay.

7/23/2009 12:18:37 AM
whats up with that guys hair!?!?!

7/23/2009 12:29:30 AM
jesus called. he said stop embarrassing me with these associations.

7/23/2009 12:44:58 AM
what a gay name, definitely not worth checking out if victory signed them

7/23/2009 2:26:25 AM
Good job signing to the worst label in the industry and getting any money owed to you stolen directly from your pocket, kudos to victory though for diving into the Christian metal money pit. Those sheep buy so many records.

7/23/2009 4:34:45 AM
Victory is not my favorite label at all, but Im glad to see that these guys have made it! These are great and awesome dudes who have been committed to what they do and have a strong belief in Jesus Christ. I only hope for the best. good luck.

7/23/2009 5:25:06 AM
Worst band name ever, right up there with Scary Kids Scaring Kids and Limp Bizkit.

7/23/2009 8:48:37 AM
lol @ people that think god is real.

7/23/2009 10:57:51 AM
Also lol @ multi colored dreadlocks

7/23/2009 11:26:38 AM
oops! made the mistake of checking out these songs...shouldn't have done that. p.s. these bands are a dime a dozen. what makes any of them unique enough to get signed to anything.

7/23/2009 12:07:59 PM
Scary Kids Scaring Kids is actually good though....

7/23/2009 1:05:32 PM
xflipgoatx you can honestly listen to their songs and say they are good? if you do may god strike you down as a liar. not commenting on these dudes personally i don't know them, but comment on their songs i will.

7/23/2009 3:27:57 PM
geez, well i find their songs VERY original and COMPLETELY different than every song EVERY BAND is making nowdays, signed or not.

7/23/2009 4:14:50 PM
GODFEARING 7/23/2009 4:34:45 AM Victory is not my favorite label at all, but Im glad to see that these guys have made it!----made it? Hahaha. They will never "make it". Haha

7/23/2009 6:00:50 PM
victory is shit. hail satan.

7/23/2009 8:42:18 PM
looks like Corpus Christi has some competition.....who would win in a fight? eh eh?

7/24/2009 12:26:10 AM
Tony Victory should get crucified.

7/24/2009 1:40:56 PM
Victory is fcking retarted if they think this horrible flaming christian piece of shit band is going to do anything positive for their label. I wish horrible things on shitty bands pressing their view of religion into their music.

7/24/2009 2:31:34 PM
sweet dreds on that gay

7/24/2009 3:20:04 PM
keep god out of metal

7/24/2009 8:02:10 PM
arguing on the internet is like running in the special olympics.. even if you win, you're still retarded.

7/24/2009 8:20:25 PM
Jesus (if there is such a thing) even hates Victory Records.

7/25/2009 12:40:04 PM
sign a christian band and all the kids way tc for religon everyone has thier own beliefs no reason to shit on people for it. go jack off to a picture of satan, u fat pig bitches

7/26/2009 4:21:08 PM
The issue here is not a "different" set of beliefs. The issue here is an irrational, delusional and moronic set of beliefs. But hey, that's faith - and apparently it exists outside the of realm of criticism.

7/26/2009 8:14:24 PM
wow, worst signing in a while

7/27/2009 6:28:05 PM
dun dun dun, dunun, dun dun dun, dunundunun waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

7/30/2009 2:40:19 AM

9/9/2009 2:05:19 PM
Before there was Rosalyn there was potential to sign a talented band.