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Rise Records signs The Color Morale

Tuesday, June 09, 2009 3:08 PM PT

Rise Records has officially signed Illinois rock/hardcore outfit The Color Morale. The group's debut album, "We All Have Demons," was produced by Joey Sturgis (The Devil Wears Prada) and will hit stores on September 1st. You can check out the band online here.


6/9/2009 3:12:04 PM
fck this stupid band. first.

6/9/2009 3:12:28 PM
also: fck this label.

6/9/2009 3:12:59 PM
second fck rise records.

6/9/2009 3:23:46 PM
hands down the worst record label out there.

6/9/2009 3:46:07 PM
rise is a pretty bad label but this sounds pretty good compared to their last signing pm today.

6/9/2009 4:10:16 PM
i 100th worst label.

6/9/2009 4:17:56 PM
fck rise records

6/9/2009 4:48:05 PM

6/9/2009 5:19:21 PM
god fcking damnit. I'm so pissed.

6/9/2009 6:31:16 PM
fcking rise must pull their roster out of a cracker jack box. I could pull up craigslist and find one dude looking for members for his already named band and it would more than likely be better than shit ass rise bands.

6/9/2009 7:44:53 PM
"rock/hardcore" and "The Devil Wears Prada" those were the magic words. get dead please.

6/9/2009 8:21:59 PM
the devil wears prada is on this label, and they suck. therefore, this band sucks. QED.

6/9/2009 9:38:34 PM
Tdwp is on ferret guy, not rise anymore.. Either way, the bands on rise always get big for some reason so these dudes will probably be touring with Metallica and Clapton within a few months.

6/10/2009 3:37:44 AM

6/10/2009 11:11:38 AM
this is how much i care

6/11/2009 12:14:11 PM
recon is in this label.

6/11/2009 12:57:49 PM

7/14/2009 12:49:32 AM
love these guys! happy for them.