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The Faceless, Atheist, Psyopus tour dates

Monday, April 6, 2009 8:58 PM PT

Atheist, The Faceless, Psyopus, The Agonist, and Gnostic will team up for some shows this summer. Dates announced thus far include:

7/8 Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
7/9 Raleigh, NC @ Volume 11 Tavern
7/10 Springfield, VA @ Jaxx
7/11 Allentown, PA @ The Sterling Hotel
7/12 New York, NY @ BB King's
7/13 Cleveland, OH @ Peabody's
7/14 Mokena, IL @ The Pearl Room
7/15 Nashville, TN @ The Muse


4/6/2009 9:00:11 PM

4/6/2009 9:00:21 PM
first post this better come to dallas

4/6/2009 9:00:27 PM
*plays 1,000 notes*

4/6/2009 9:09:13 PM

4/6/2009 9:24:13 PM

4/6/2009 9:26:16 PM
Why is The Agonist getting all these tours? They're terrible

4/6/2009 9:32:57 PM
Guitar jack off fest.

4/6/2009 9:45:05 PM
atheist and gnostic...lol

4/6/2009 10:04:43 PM

4/6/2009 10:05:32 PM
Bring this to Kansas and get the agonist the fck off it

4/6/2009 10:05:41 PM
so many sweep arpeggios....

4/6/2009 10:38:21 PM
This would be a good tour if only Atheist played.

4/6/2009 10:47:45 PM
little_alex_fts 4/6/2009 9:45:05 PM atheist and gnostic...lol

4/6/2009 10:55:43 PM
I can't wait to hear a modern guitar player actually do a tasteful solo.

4/6/2009 10:57:26 PM
somewhat interested, may be at cleveland

4/6/2009 11:01:10 PM
not to be a dick, but HOW does The Faceless get top billing over Atheist in the main news headline? i mean without bands like Atheist, The Faceless wouldn't have anyone's jock to try and carry now.

4/7/2009 12:32:01 AM
better come to florida you fckheads!!!

4/7/2009 12:38:35 AM
I hope faceless and psyopus come to CA...fck the rest...

4/7/2009 12:41:54 AM
yes, kansas, come. but not wichita. That shits too far away

4/7/2009 1:17:04 AM
666pack 4/6/2009 10:38:21 PM This would be a good tour if only Atheist played.

4/7/2009 1:24:34 AM
I hope the faceless,psyopus and the agonist all share a van and fly off a fcking cliff will be there for atheist though.

4/7/2009 2:06:22 AM
Bring that shit to Fort Worth.

4/7/2009 6:20:57 AM
Emmure should be on this

4/7/2009 6:24:09 AM
Atheist is worth seeing

4/7/2009 6:31:15 AM
fck all of these bands except atheist. will be at raleigh show most likely.

4/7/2009 8:28:53 AM
I really liked The Faceless, until I realized how amazingly awesome they think they are. c-cky attitudes aren't worth it for me, your music isn't THAT good

4/7/2009 12:57:02 PM
The Agonist?! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! This bands agent needs to get bowel cancer. Atheist rules.

4/7/2009 1:05:19 PM

4/7/2009 1:29:11 PM
Denver please.

4/7/2009 2:30:54 PM

4/8/2009 12:04:40 AM
Wow... Atheist is on this? Weird...

4/8/2009 10:23:44 AM
id go to metal shows if they were anywhere but peabodies. or cleveland for that matter.

4/8/2009 10:29:20 AM
7/14 fck yeah, haven't seen a show this good in awhile.

4/8/2009 3:36:32 PM
little_alex_fts 4/6/2009 9:45:05 PM atheist and gnostic...lol hahahahaha.

4/8/2009 11:59:22 PM
Band with vocalizer's with psyopus...ghey!

4/12/2009 6:16:59 PM
Accept my offer to potentially receive bodily injury @ 7/14.

12/12/2011 8:40:01 AM
Come up norht to mass