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Fearless Records signs The Word Alive

Thursday, March 26, 2009 4:01 PM PT

Fearless Records has officially signed Phoenix, Arizona rock/metal/hardcore band The Word Alive. The group is currently in Florida recording their debut EP.

The band comments: "We couldn't be happier with the label we chose, and the family that Fearless Records represents. We feel this is the very best home for The Word Alive and want you, the fans, to know that we couldn't have done this without you. We appreciate your support over the past 11 months and we want you to know we're not going anywhere for a very long time. 2009 is gonna be our year, together."

You can listen to some of the The Word Alive's material online here.


3/26/2009 4:03:07 PM
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3/26/2009 4:04:51 PM
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3/26/2009 4:16:33 PM
rock/metal/hardcore, ha ha...glad they covered all the bases.

3/26/2009 4:34:41 PM
more like the TURD alive AMIRITE

3/26/2009 4:35:36 PM
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3/26/2009 4:38:52 PM
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3/26/2009 6:56:45 PM
"we're not going anywhere for a very long time." I don't think they understand what they just said. NOT GOING ANYWHERE. gays.

3/26/2009 8:22:54 PM
they have really shiny hair and one of them is wearing a blazer.

3/26/2009 11:02:58 PM
AzDeception 3/26/2009 4:38:52 PM fck this shitty band get out of my state ahahaha when i read this, it sounded like "fuuuuck this shitty band, giiiiiit outta my state." SORRY I'LL LEAVE

3/27/2009 12:12:25 AM
Listening to their myspace rite now. Damn, I'm almost jackin' off myself with this song!

3/27/2009 8:33:39 PM
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