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The Classic Struggle recruits ex-BDM drummer

Monday, March 23, 2009 4:34 PM PT

The Classic Struggle has announced the addition of former The Black Dahlia Murder drummer Cory Grady to their line-up. Grady replaces Tyler Solnosky, who left the band this past winter.

Guitarist Brandon Collins comments: "We are very excited about this recent addition. He is an extraordinary person as well as a musician and we are all real stoked about writing our new upcoming album with him. He has been learning all of our past material and we have also been writing new material as well. We hope to be back on the road by the end of this summer and look out for a late-2009 release."


3/23/2009 4:35:36 PM

3/23/2009 4:35:47 PM
and pow >

3/23/2009 4:42:01 PM
the classic struggle will keep sucking

3/23/2009 4:42:29 PM
Tyler was cool.

3/23/2009 4:56:02 PM
struggle flip

3/23/2009 5:19:04 PM
what the fck?

3/23/2009 5:21:44 PM
no care

3/23/2009 5:28:14 PM
perfect name for this band

3/23/2009 5:39:52 PM
kick ass news. i love the dudes in tcs.

3/23/2009 5:45:44 PM
great news..lick a giant bowl of aids if you think otherwise.

3/23/2009 5:47:35 PM
what is he thinking?

3/23/2009 6:08:36 PM
cory was a cool dude i remember first time i ever saw black dahlia murder was with him..dude tore jerks apart

3/23/2009 6:17:41 PM
Oh wow, super, who fcking cares.

3/23/2009 6:37:36 PM
candy bars

3/23/2009 8:00:38 PM
Bloodbath is a tosser.

3/23/2009 9:42:07 PM
gays recruit gay.

3/23/2009 10:16:58 PM
The Classic Strudel.

3/23/2009 10:20:52 PM
Was that the guy who drummed the first BDM album? If so, he sucked.

3/24/2009 12:47:01 AM
The Vlasic Huddle

3/24/2009 3:41:32 AM
Still not going to be able to turn the suck down in the monitors gays.

3/24/2009 9:36:31 AM
Heck yes let's play metal in gym shorts. Also, Cory is a good guy. PANIC CIRCLE WOOO

3/24/2009 1:03:23 PM
<3 lamegoat.

3/24/2009 2:24:00 PM
shut up lambgoat. anything non tech/grind/sludge/doom is automatic shit. go waste 13 bucks on the new Poison the Well album.

3/24/2009 2:47:25 PM
good news for everone involved! tcs are great dudes and cory is mad cool. stoked to hear this

3/24/2009 5:35:37 PM
They're that band with drums and breakdowns and stuff right?

3/25/2009 2:16:18 AM
Classic struggle forgot to mention Cory Grady had a brief run with Throwdown