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Scion Rock Fest ticket information

Thursday, January 22, 2009 4:24 PM PT

Ok, so everybody and their brother is asking for ticket information regarding February's Scion Rock Fest (original news here). We won't make you wait any longer. By the way, nine additional bands have been confirmed for the event (click here for the latest flyer):

Pig Destroyer
Septic Flesh
Trash Talk
Evil Army
US Christmas
Apocalyptic Visions

Here's the deal with the tickets. Sometime between now and January 28th (this is not what we were originally told, sorry), you will be able to go to the Scion Rock Fest website and register. You will have to provide your email address and your zip code. If you live within a 60 mile radius of a participating pick-up location (see list below), you will be told which store to go to for your tickets. An email confirmation will be sent you and you can then claim your pair of tickets. Please note: you MUST register on the Scion Rock Fest website and bring your confirmation email to the store. Do not call the store or just show up there. If you live outside of the aforementioned radius, your name will be added to a will-call list to get tickets on the day of the show. You will be emailed a confirmation for that arrangement. Here are the participating stores:

Criminal Records
(404) 215-9511
1154-A Euclid Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30307

Wax N' Facts
(404) 525-2275
432 Moreland Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30307

Low Yo Yo Stuff Records
432 Moreland Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30307

Wuxtry Records-Atlanta
(404) 329-0020
2096 N Decatur Rd
Decatur, GA 30033

Decatur CD
356 West Ponce de Leon Ave.
Decatur, GA 30030

Full Moon Records
(404) 377-1919
1653 Mclendon Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30307

1604 8th Ave. South
Nashville, TN 37203

Carmichael’s Bookstore
1925 Bardstown Rd
Louisville, KY

Underground Sounds
2003 Highland Ave.
Louisville, KY 40204

Lunchbox Records
1419-A Central Ave.
Charlotte, NC 28205

Manifest Records
6239 South Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28217

Lost & Found Records
3714 Walker Blvd.
Knoxville, TN 37902

Vinyl Fever
(850) 580-3480
2256 W Pensacola St
Tallahassee, FL 32304

Horizon Records
2-A West Stone Ave.
Greenville, SC 29609

1418 Laurens Rd.
Greenville, SC 29607

52.5 Records
561 King St.
Charleston, SC 29403


1/22/2009 4:25:03 PM
first post

1/22/2009 4:25:30 PM
damn. thats gay as fck. completely awful lineup

1/22/2009 4:27:40 PM
I want to make love to this line up

1/22/2009 4:30:06 PM
pig destroyer and converge? fck my life

1/22/2009 4:30:38 PM
you forgot to mention this place is small so you best bust your ass to pick your tickets up otherwise you won't be getting in

1/22/2009 4:30:52 PM
bring this to cleveland

1/22/2009 4:35:42 PM
fincher - the outdoor music park can put on shows for over 4,000 people

1/22/2009 4:36:31 PM
Will hopefully be there hanging out with fellow goats!

1/22/2009 4:45:26 PM
Meshuggah did it.

1/22/2009 4:48:58 PM
Gaddmanit! How much gas am I going to have to pay for this year! Shit! *Road Trip*

1/22/2009 4:49:13 PM
dear webby..... the masquerade is kind of notorious for saying they can hold more than they really can.. i.e. stairs collapsing on new years eve 5 years ago.. just saying. *runs off*

1/22/2009 4:51:44 PM
every fake, scenester hipster gay in the tri state area will be attending. NO fckING THANKS!!! ALL THESE BANDS SOLD THE fck OUT NOW CAUSE SCION (shit leader in car making) IS SPONSORING THIS. fck YOU AND fck HARDCORE!!!

1/22/2009 4:53:07 PM
hopefully their will be bloodshed once they stop letting people in.

1/22/2009 4:53:16 PM

1/22/2009 5:08:40 PM
Shut your fcking birth canal, Fincher.

1/22/2009 5:54:21 PM
im going to start running now...see you in a few months

1/22/2009 6:02:48 PM
suprised whitechapel isnt on it..

1/22/2009 6:45:21 PM
coalesce? god damn I want this...

1/22/2009 7:04:43 PM
Yes Fincher, because the venue's disrepair will really impact the quality of the outdoor venue.

1/22/2009 7:19:15 PM
is it free? no mention of ticket prices

1/22/2009 7:56:49 PM
clown looking funny car show. gay

1/22/2009 9:05:51 PM
So is it at the masquerade??? or this supposed 4,000 person outdoor venue? you gays

1/22/2009 9:06:24 PM
@ 9pm: "Ticket registration will be available online by 1/28/09 - check back soon!" ARRGH

1/22/2009 9:06:49 PM
Looks like another 6 days of waiting, hussy chussy gays

1/22/2009 9:09:29 PM
The Masquerade has an outdoor venue, dumbass

1/22/2009 9:10:39 PM
i think all the gays that dont live in georgia should stay the fck home. fck YOU gayS! I LIVE IN GEORGIA! YOU DONT!

1/22/2009 9:49:40 PM
Jesus Christ you are truly, an awful gay plaguestricken. Get struck with a plague you queer.

1/22/2009 11:21:12 PM
Jesus, fcking COALESCE is on this now too? shit shit shit shit shit shit I'm upset

1/22/2009 11:34:53 PM
PIG DESTROYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1/23/2009 2:15:18 AM
stick to making soapbox racers scion

1/23/2009 3:13:52 AM
yeah these guys are sell outs. "hey you guys want to play a free show for some people. yous till get paid" oh yeah that sounds rad." fckING SELL OUTS!

1/23/2009 9:27:45 AM
Converge are fckin awesome. Jane Doe is the best albulm. It's kinda weird how trash talk made the line up. They're good hardcore but it's just weird adding them to the mix

1/23/2009 9:45:53 AM
way to not have a participating store in Birmingham gays.

1/23/2009 10:01:57 AM
its going to be interesting to see all the people who pretend like they've shopped all their lives at these record stores to get these tickets when they haven't spent more than $5 in 2 years

1/23/2009 10:21:15 AM
fckin' coalesce.

1/23/2009 12:38:53 PM
$10 bucks says the website crashes at 9:01 pm

1/23/2009 1:38:52 PM
gay homo fest

1/23/2009 3:05:00 PM
fcking fck fck fckers! Converge Pig Destroyer Septic Flesh Coalesce Man what the fck!!!!!!!!

1/23/2009 9:26:05 PM
Yea... Per usual Criminal records proves to be jerks yet again.. It's been confirmed that they are giving out tickets already and running out... Awesome.

1/23/2009 9:34:59 PM
excited to see this shit staying in the souff.

1/24/2009 3:48:54 AM
yeah...haha...i got my tickets today at criminal records today. gayS!!!!!!!!

1/24/2009 3:49:39 AM
today today

1/26/2009 12:23:08 AM
A few friends and I got 6 tickets yesterday at decatur cd in atlanta. No registration, just go in and ask. 2 per person, totally free. admission is NOT guaranteed with a ticket. It says so on the ticket. gl.

1/27/2009 12:56:57 AM
Will be there. fck yeah for Nachtmystium.

1/27/2009 9:24:29 AM
so once we get a ticket what the hell do we have to do to make sure we get in? i could see this getting bloody