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Kylesa set to release new album

Wednesday, January 07, 2009 8:47 PM PT

Official press release:

Kylesa's eagerly anticipated new album, Static Tensions, is set for a March 17th release via Prosthetic Records and will be quickly followed by the April 2nd launch of a nationwide tour alongside The Haunted at Pomona, Calif.'s Glass House.

Guitarist/vocalist Phillip Cope produced Static Tensions, which was recorded at the Jam Room in Columbia, SC. Discussing the mindset behind the new album, "It was definitely a lot more thought out. We have the hindsight of some of the mistakes we've made in the past, so we were able to avoid making them again on this record. I think we came away from the experience with our best stuff yet."

"All of our records sound pretty different, but with the same core vibe or sound, and I think the new record has our core Kylesa sound, but branches out even more to incorporate more of our rock and psychedelic influences," adds guitarist/vocalist Laura Pleasants.

With artwork done by Baroness' John Dyer Baizley, Static Tensions will also see a simultaneous vinyl release on 20 Buck Spin.

Static Tensions track listing:

Insomnia For Months
Said and Done
Unknown Awareness
Running Red
Nature's Predators
Almost Lost
Only One
To Walk Alone


1/7/2009 8:53:22 PM
first post

1/7/2009 8:55:39 PM
this better excite me. Kylesa is the shit

1/7/2009 9:18:21 PM
i guess everyone finds it fit to hae a "psychedelic" feel now adays... kind of getting annoying. still pumped though

1/8/2009 6:29:08 AM
i really really like this band

1/8/2009 11:01:51 AM
masterblaster - i guess you've never listened to a kylesa record before.

1/8/2009 11:04:44 PM
xchasex 1/8/2009 6:29:08 AM i really really like this band

1/10/2009 8:41:20 AM
they are also touring in march, dates tba soon.