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Death By Stereo completes new album

Sunday, November 02, 2008 7:22 PM PT

After originally entering the studio this past spring, California's Death By Stereo has finished their next full-length, their first since 2005. According to a new interview with RebelTheory.com, the band is currently "sorting out the label stuff," apparently meaning that they are no longer under contract with Epitaph Records.

Titled "Death Is My Only Friend," the album was recorded by Jason Freese and Jay Baumgardner and features drumming from Jarrod Alexander, who hadn't recorded with Death By Stereo since 2000.

You can read the entire interview here.


11/2/2008 7:25:26 PM
Good band.

11/2/2008 7:25:30 PM
first post. holla at me negros

11/2/2008 7:26:26 PM

11/2/2008 8:14:57 PM
this is gunna be tight.

11/2/2008 8:59:58 PM

11/2/2008 9:39:16 PM
is Jay Baumgardner the guy from Orgy?

11/2/2008 10:19:56 PM
i will definitely be looking forward to this!

11/2/2008 10:28:27 PM
Good news for once.

11/2/2008 10:52:08 PM
from a second story window songs

11/2/2008 11:17:36 PM
Hell yeah! Hopefully it sounds more like early DBS, as their "metallic" sound of "Death for Life" didn't exactly do it for me. Great band nonetheless!

11/3/2008 2:47:57 AM
I honestly forgot this band existed.

11/3/2008 3:45:30 AM
Stoked for this.

11/3/2008 6:16:14 AM
Its been a long time, and I am stoked. Thank god its not being doing by Matt Hyde.

11/3/2008 10:31:50 AM
yes please sound like the first 2 albums not that avenged sevenfold sounding shit of the last ones.

11/3/2008 11:35:29 AM
awesome news.

11/3/2008 11:52:13 AM
love this band...but definatley hope it doesn't sound much like the last one

11/3/2008 5:51:21 PM
If looks could kill was a great album, everything after that is not very good. At all.

11/3/2008 6:06:21 PM
this band has always been and will most likely always be intensely horrible

11/5/2008 1:43:15 AM
Death By Stereo Completes New Album - Everyone living wonders "Why?"

12/10/2008 5:22:35 PM
Jarrod did not record any of the drum tracks for this album. Chris Dalley their current drummer recorded all the drum tracks