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The Red Chord dismisses guitarist

Wednesday, September 3, 2008 4:13 PM PT

The Red Chord has apparently parted ways with guitar player Mike Keller, who sent Lambgoat the following statement earlier today:

"A couple days ago I got a call from one of the guys informing me they made a mutual decision to become a four-piece. They offered little in ways of explanation but I can admit that in the past few tours I had grown apart from the rest of the band, both personally and musically. I was always kind of the oddball new guy of the group and was never really made to feel perfectly welcome. Things ended abruptly, unexpectedly, and weirdly but I hold no animosity. I believe I was ready for the next thing anyway.

"The past year and a half has been a great ride full of terrific memories and new friendships. Thanks to all the bands and fans, and anyone else who helped me out along the way.

"I'm not quite done with music yet, so please check out my future endeavors, including my solo project - Meek Is Murder (myspace.com/meekismurder), which I'm the process of turning into an actual band. Word."


9/3/2008 4:17:52 PM
First post, AWWW this sucks =(

9/3/2008 4:22:03 PM
That kid can play his ass off. Kinda gay of TRC.

9/3/2008 4:24:19 PM
ah, who really gives a fck?

9/3/2008 4:24:51 PM
lambgoat poster #4452341234 says I hate this band because, I don't care and uh

9/3/2008 4:27:32 PM
can't really talk shit about that statement.

9/3/2008 4:35:50 PM

9/3/2008 4:36:07 PM

9/3/2008 4:40:23 PM
Mike is a talented axeman. Fun to jam with. Good luck dude.

9/3/2008 4:41:30 PM
lol @ "dismisses"

9/3/2008 4:45:54 PM
Shame, good dude.

9/3/2008 4:51:04 PM

9/3/2008 4:58:24 PM
The Red Chord is amazing. Don't really care that they kicked this guy out. Guy, Brad, Gunface, Greg, and John are the core. Even though 3/5 aren't original, they comprise this band for me.

9/3/2008 5:12:16 PM

9/3/2008 5:12:19 PM

9/3/2008 5:12:32 PM
red chord <3

9/3/2008 5:36:07 PM

9/3/2008 5:47:04 PM

9/3/2008 5:55:33 PM
Dude is good, but, I have seen them as a four piece, and it is also good. So, I am indifferent

9/3/2008 5:58:18 PM
back to the west coast with ya, then.

9/3/2008 6:11:23 PM
they should have dissmissed their bass player. that guy is a fcking gay. i've seen this band live twice and both times he was trying to get the crowd hyped and just making an ass out of himself wishing he was the singer.

9/3/2008 6:16:45 PM
Damn, he was a pretty good guitarist and a chill dude.

9/3/2008 7:06:08 PM
i don't like it when people say "word"

9/3/2008 7:07:15 PM
i like his solo stuff better than the last few red chord albums...

9/3/2008 7:09:02 PM
Is this the chink or the other guy?

9/3/2008 7:28:52 PM
Red chord is going down hill in my opinion anyway.

9/3/2008 7:30:22 PM
thats beattt. this band is awesome.... iwonder how they are gonan pull off beign a 4 piece live.

9/3/2008 7:40:27 PM
tentacles_of_whorror 9/3/2008 7:06:08 PM i don't like it when people say "word" Word man.

9/3/2008 8:07:46 PM
hey Mike, i know your reading this gay. my dog has fever. he is staring at me right now.

9/3/2008 9:06:23 PM
metaljohn 9/3/2008 5:36:07 PM ITS NOT GONNA BE ALRIGHT! ITS NOT GONNA BE OK!

9/3/2008 9:27:08 PM
Who gives a fck? Just bring on some good product...

9/3/2008 10:31:03 PM

9/3/2008 10:54:02 PM
terrible fcking new band name

9/3/2008 11:03:39 PM
Crummy news, mainly because Prey For Life was a bit better than Clients, but not as good as Fused... and they need to be a 5 piece to sound as full as they can. At least they didn't ditch the main guitar dude or Guy.

9/4/2008 12:01:44 AM
There average live.

9/4/2008 12:08:35 AM
wasnt this prick like 19?

9/4/2008 12:38:48 AM
they need to stay a five piece.

9/4/2008 1:14:38 AM
no care.......

9/4/2008 1:53:28 AM
"dismisses". that's harsh.

9/4/2008 2:22:08 AM
you got kicked the fck OUT!

9/4/2008 2:38:45 AM
Yeah, it was weird seeing them as a four-piece tonight. Hopefully this decision is permenant and they find someone new.

9/4/2008 3:18:31 AM
lol @ getting kicked out of the fckING RED CHORD gay. however, no care

9/4/2008 4:21:55 AM
TRC = Washed Up. Amirite?

9/4/2008 4:25:34 AM
Hasn't this opportunist gay been promoting his shitty side project since day one? I'm sure he'll attract lots of attention with the "EX-RED CHORD" craigslist posts he's probably working on now.

9/4/2008 4:34:47 AM
fck im enjoying his side project more then the red chords last 2 albums

9/4/2008 6:58:34 AM

9/4/2008 9:48:26 AM
I can't help but wonder how many of the negative comments are by people who auditioned last year and didn't get in

9/4/2008 11:41:15 AM
If 1 leaves does that leave room on tour for a full band to join...hmmm maybe a band like Architect?

9/4/2008 6:03:29 PM
he can do better then the red chord and WILL do better then them. It is only a matter of time before they break up anyways.to all you typical lambgoat haters (exp. the craiglist comment gay) watch out for this kid because he will do amazing things

9/4/2008 6:20:02 PM
they shouldve kept him just for the awesome wolf shirt he used to wear...

9/4/2008 6:20:40 PM
lolz at all the negativity, sucking. and why does everyone hate clients? i love that record.

9/4/2008 7:01:04 PM
Ill miss Keller. So who is going to play tours? Gunface cant play rhythm and lead.

9/4/2008 7:02:03 PM
Because they are all scene gays and hate anything that isnt gay scene like them. I guarantee they have never even heard Clients.

9/4/2008 7:03:14 PM
Most kids on here listened to Blink 182 like 2 or 3 years ago so they are just retarded and dont know good music.

9/4/2008 9:01:23 PM
mike is a good dude, being the new guy in an old band is rough. I like the idea of more metal bands being a 4 piece, the dueling guitar sound has been done. A single guitarist actually has much more room for creativity and standing out

9/4/2008 9:32:49 PM
Meek is Murder.. Weak is the name dig it though..

9/4/2008 9:37:36 PM
"Things ended abruptly, unexpectedly, and weirdly but I hold no animosity." -fcking classic.

9/4/2008 10:09:18 PM
the dude looked like he was 15 and that he was in some scene metalcore band. I was waiting for them to dump him.

9/4/2008 11:27:06 PM
@7SOP Are you his mother? So far the most amazing thing THIS KID has done is record a series of songs that sound as bad as or worse than many of the god awful bands that he lists as influences.

9/5/2008 1:29:13 AM
fckyourxs 9/3/2008 4:58:24 PM 'Don't really care that they kicked this guy out. Guy, Brad, Gunface, Greg, and John are the core.' should i pick up those names you dropped or are you just going to leave them there?

9/9/2008 4:46:55 PM
^ ^ ^ hahahhahaha ^ ^ ^