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Killswitch Engage, Throwdown, PTW dates

Friday, February 29, 2008 3:18 PM PT

Killswitch Engage has announced a two-week tour (primarily in Canada) with support from Throwdown, Poison The Well, and The End. Here are the dates:

5/10 Toronto, ONT @ The Sound Academy
5/11 Kitchener, ONT @ Elements Night Club
5/13 Quebec City, QUE @ Capitole du Quebec
5/14 Montreal, QUE @ The Metropolis
5/16 Grand Rapids, MI @ The Orbit Room
5/17 Columbus, OH @ Rock On The Range Festival
5/18 St. Louis, MO @ Point Fest
5/19 Milwaukee, WI @ The Eagles Club
5/20 Des Moines, IA @ Val Air Ballroom
5/22 Thunder Bay, ONT @ Community Auditorium
5/23 Winnipeg, MAN @ Burton Cummings
5/24 Saskatoon, SAS @ Odeon Events Centre
5/26 Edmonton, ABEdmonton Events Center
5/27 Calgary, AB @ MacEwan Hall Ballroom
5/29 Vancouver, BC @ Croatian Cultural Center


2/29/2008 3:21:14 PM
poison the well kiss dudes

2/29/2008 3:23:02 PM
second post.

2/29/2008 3:31:51 PM
2001 songs

2/29/2008 3:37:36 PM
i'd probably go if i was in canadia

2/29/2008 3:39:48 PM

2/29/2008 3:44:44 PM
The End tours Canada - weekly news.

2/29/2008 3:45:00 PM
2001 joke was already taken...

2/29/2008 3:48:26 PM
2001. yeah. weird.

2/29/2008 3:56:45 PM
holy shit im not going

2/29/2008 4:23:28 PM
somehow the end turns out to be the gayest band on this tour. dudes you suck now. even worse than throwdown.

2/29/2008 4:40:57 PM
ATTN:: People going to the 5/19 show....hide your jewelry bag!!!

2/29/2008 4:42:40 PM
PTW is good, fck the rest of these bands

2/29/2008 4:50:31 PM
poison the well, get the fck off this tour. First dance gay dance, now kse?

2/29/2008 5:23:39 PM
PTW needs to stop touring with such gayry

2/29/2008 6:00:21 PM
this is the biggest combination of gayry I have ever seen. holy fcking shit!!!

2/29/2008 6:10:47 PM
5/13 GAY, miss that date please.

2/29/2008 6:12:42 PM
2001 called, they want their tour back

2/29/2008 7:15:13 PM
yeah, i would definitely be going to this if i lived up north and was still in my sophomore year in high school.

2/29/2008 7:16:26 PM
Killswitch should be opening for PTW

2/29/2008 7:50:52 PM
what the fck...why does every shit tour hit ohio when all the decent ones skip this state.

2/29/2008 10:00:32 PM
Would have been like a dream tour a few years ago. I'd still hit it up for PTW and KsE if it hit MA.

3/1/2008 4:30:20 AM
kse > ptw

3/1/2008 1:32:19 PM
shit fest 08

3/1/2008 3:47:17 PM
stupid, come to chicago...

3/1/2008 5:58:33 PM
what a strange way to route the tour, go arounf chicago but not to chicago?

3/1/2008 8:22:24 PM
thank god this shit fest isn't coming to my city.

3/2/2008 10:47:57 AM
No NY dates???? Thank fcking god.

3/3/2008 2:58:24 PM
This is a "secondary market" tour. That's what they call it "in the biz". I know from my days with Zit Remedy in Canada.

3/3/2008 9:34:22 PM
wth?! PTW kicks dck, the rest of the bands on this just suck it.

3/4/2008 7:13:37 PM
this is a throwback tour , only if this was still 01'

3/4/2008 7:28:31 PM
"This is a "secondary market" tour. That's what they call it "in the biz". I know from my days with Zit Remedy in Canada." Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are hardly secondary market cities. Toronto's secondary market is Hamilton.