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Maylene & the Sons of Disaster line-up changes

Wednesday, February 27, 2008 9:57 PM PT

Maylene and the Sons of Disaster has officially replaced three members. Here's a statement from the band:

"Due to the rigors of the road Lee Turner, Scott Collum and Josh Williams are no longer in the band. We remain good friends and wish them the best of luck and continued success. As for Maylene and the Sons of Disaster we are better than ever. We are excited to announce our new members: Chad Huff, Kelly Scott Nunn and Matt Clark. They have been long time friends of ours and some are former bandmates. You might know them from their work in Underoath, Further Seems Forever, Sleeping By the Riverside and Gods. Josh Cornutt remains in the band but being a newlywed he is currently at home spending time with his wife (and writing for our next record).

We have also started working on a new record and we are really excited by the material the new guys are coming up with. Come and check us out on tour, and give the new guys a warm welcome. Thank all of you for all the support, and believe me nothing has changed in the Maylene camp we are just growing a lot and you can expect us to be better than ever. Look forward to seeing you all on tour."


2/27/2008 10:01:42 PM
first post

2/27/2008 10:04:20 PM
this is gonna be sooo sickkk... a new record. ive been waiting for this!

2/27/2008 10:05:14 PM
eww. gross.

2/27/2008 10:11:42 PM
gay music for gays.

2/27/2008 10:12:25 PM
no care ever

2/27/2008 10:14:32 PM
God please flip these gays van.

2/27/2008 10:21:28 PM
Shitty shit band. Can't express my true hatred for them. Southern BS+Christianity=Pure gayry

2/27/2008 10:51:51 PM
I dig this band. No regrets. Looking forward seeing them soon.

2/27/2008 11:02:38 PM
dang that sucks

2/27/2008 11:07:18 PM

2/27/2008 11:14:46 PM
real posi statement. look at all the names. -claps-

2/27/2008 11:18:37 PM
damn i really wish they would of just broken up. fcking crap band.

2/28/2008 12:30:45 AM

2/28/2008 12:33:22 AM
Sleeping by the fcking riverside!

2/28/2008 1:18:46 AM
This band deserves a VAN FLIP! Now, stuff the rest of your 10 fans in your van and off a cliff you go.

2/28/2008 1:37:31 AM
the gays could handle the ultra gayry of maylene so they fcking fled. *summary for those who feel like not reading a gay post*

2/28/2008 1:38:17 AM
couldn't* fck

2/28/2008 2:07:28 AM
2nd lp was awesome, 3rd will suck without the same band playing it

2/28/2008 2:09:43 AM
vanflip. .....please?

2/28/2008 2:11:44 AM
i'm pretty 'not x-tian' but this band is good and josh once drank gasoline.

2/28/2008 2:14:15 AM
great band. can't wait to see them around.

2/28/2008 11:48:41 AM
replace three members? fcking christians can never keep their shitty bands together.

2/28/2008 1:18:25 PM
"cantfakethepunk" hahaha...holy fcking shit.

2/28/2008 1:53:16 PM
You can't drink gasoline. You're a fcking lier!

2/28/2008 2:10:38 PM
cantfakethepunk 2/27/2008 10:04:20 PM this is gonna be sooo sickkk... a new record. ive been waiting for this! you are clearly gay, but I'm also somewhat looking forward to this redneck piece of shit.

2/28/2008 2:17:27 PM
fck this band Maylene is the sound of disaster

2/28/2008 2:24:06 PM

2/28/2008 6:41:11 PM
gay band tight pants.

2/28/2008 11:42:10 PM
Looking forward to hearing this album.

2/29/2008 1:55:24 AM
gay shit is gay.

2/29/2008 12:49:19 PM
dude. sleeping by the riverside was siqqq. i can't fcking stand their fans, but they're such a guilty pleasure.

2/29/2008 9:30:18 PM
Great band! Great friends, well I haven't met the new dudes yet. Dallas is by far one of the best front men ever!