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Uprising Records signs Liferuiner

Thursday, January 17, 2008 4:49 PM PT

Canadian hardcore/metal band Liferuiner has officially joined the Uprising Records roster. The group, which has previously released material with Tribunal Records, will enter the studio next month to record their Uprising debut, titled "Taking Back The Night Life." The effort is slated for a spring release. In the meantime, you can listen to some of their material here.


1/17/2008 4:51:29 PM
first post again... yippie

1/17/2008 4:54:30 PM

1/17/2008 5:01:22 PM

1/17/2008 5:06:12 PM
Joke band, get dead.

1/17/2008 5:07:44 PM

1/17/2008 5:11:43 PM
uprising at it again making there roster even worse

1/17/2008 5:14:45 PM
hope they dont get dropped... will listen anyway.

1/17/2008 5:46:21 PM
^ lol

1/17/2008 5:54:58 PM
life ruin her

1/17/2008 6:03:40 PM

1/17/2008 6:09:45 PM
I hope they're dropped, and then dropped off of a cliff. Shit band, shit dudes.

1/17/2008 6:31:34 PM
i hear this band beats girls

1/17/2008 6:32:37 PM
why, srsly?

1/17/2008 7:03:59 PM
i hear they're going to tour with Across Five beatrils.

1/17/2008 7:31:16 PM
fakest band ever. fck this label.

1/17/2008 7:34:58 PM
AWESOME NEWS!! 100%! congrats bros!

1/17/2008 8:08:05 PM
good band and good label for them seeing as uprising doesn't fck their bands or lock them into 8 album contracts.

1/17/2008 8:31:52 PM

1/17/2008 8:32:22 PM
any one that says this band is sweet can go fcking get aids while fcking there grandmother and then jump off a cliff. this band is so bad.

1/17/2008 8:45:25 PM
it's pretty funny the gays who like this fcking piece of shit borderline nu metal band have names like "caseyfckingjones" and names with x's all throughout them

1/17/2008 8:48:18 PM
they should stock up on gRAPE soda with whatever money they can scRAPE up for when they go on tour, and some new dRAPEs for the windows in their van.

1/17/2008 9:13:45 PM

1/17/2008 10:00:10 PM
this is the worst band ive ever heard

1/17/2008 10:12:18 PM
i once thought this band was awesome, then i realized i was listening to figure four and not this garbage....joke band, shit songs, shit breakdowns, xgayshitx

1/17/2008 11:15:13 PM
Gets dropped two days later for having kids dance hard at their shows.

1/18/2008 3:05:20 AM
you know what's even worst and fcking lame than this band? The fcking no-life losers who whine around saying theyre rapists and shit everytime there's a new post about them on lambgoat.

1/18/2008 9:58:29 AM
Uprising Records = New hangout for 12 year old scenesluts

1/18/2008 11:05:25 AM
15 is the magic number.

1/18/2008 6:18:42 PM
good job boys

1/18/2008 9:47:17 PM
Id like someone to please explain the whole beat reference thing to these guys. Is it just typical lambgoat ramblings, or is their a real story behind that?

1/19/2008 9:52:20 PM
If they're raping I need to hang out with them more often at shows.

1/22/2008 4:37:02 AM