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Glassjaw and Roadrunner Records part ways

Friday, December 14, 2001 11:30 AM PT

Following months of speculation and uncertainty, Roadrunner Records has officially announced that Glassjaw and the label will no longer be working together. Here's the statement issued by Roadrunner regarding the split:

"Glassjaw and Roadrunner Records have parted ways. It's actually quite amicable and something that both the band and Roadrunner have been talking about for quite some time now. Though we were looking forward to making the follow up to their debut Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence, things did not turn out as such. The band's friend and producer, Ross Robinson, had left the Roadrunner fold with his IAM imprint and wanted to take Glassjaw with him. While we at Roadrunner tried our best to accommodate Darryl, Beck, Todd and Larry, their hearts weren't in it. It was a strange situation, to put it mildly. Ultimately, after a lot of conversation, the decision was made to work out a situation with Ross and the band rather than force them to make music and be creative in a place where they weren't happy. It was a hard decision for us here, but we're happy for Glassjaw (who apparently already have offers on the table) and wish them the best in the future."

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