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Arson Anthem (Phil Anselmo) set to release debut

Friday, December 07, 2007 9:57 AM PT

Official press release:

With the current roster of supposed "extreme" or "underground" bands repetitively dishing out modern metal regurgitation, something had to give; enter Arson Anthem. Basking in the telepathic glow of filthy, vicious 80's-era punk and hardcore, and yearning for a spark, this improper outfit has finally ignited said spark. Fueled by stale vodka and non-filters, they've finally wrecked into a bare-bones, distorted, bastard vacuum.

After losing everything in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Mike Williams moved into Philip Anselmo's spare apartment. The two spent countless hours listening to Philip's collection of early hardcore bands; the timing was perfect to remedy this cabin fever. They began jamming with III and Collin Yeo, and this proved to be the crowning accession to complete this exploit. United by the perpetual drive to create "the sound" of a time in the past, these longtime friends strike the chords that have echoed forever in their rattled minds. The fury of Arson Anthem will serve as a real threat to a genre flailing in the hollow of an underground scene in need of resuscitation.

Their mission is to re-introduce the roots of painful amplification, raw production, and a TRUE "fuck all" attitude to a movement within a new generation that's lost the meaning of less complicated ventures. The byway is to be similar to the original brutality of bands like Negative Approach, Poison Idea, Hellhammer, Discharge and Void, amongst others. Arson Anthem will never give way to what the societal masses want them to conform to, as by example their previous musical incarnations.

The line up is nothing short of legendary, bringing together Philip H. Anselmo, III, Mike IX Williams and Collin Yeo from noted acts including Pantera, Down, Superjoint Ritual, Assjack and EyeHateGod. There is no question that these diehard music veterans have yet again reinvented the angst and harshness of music from our past.

Arson Anthem will be the first release via Housecore Records; a label created by Philip H. Anselmo and is the definitive collection of side projects, and projects he believes in. Coming in 2008 on Housecore: The Manson Family Sountrack, Christ Inversion, EyeHateGod – live at CBGB's, and much more.


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