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Darkest Hour guitarist forms new band

Tuesday, December 4, 2007 2:04 PM PT

Official press release:

As we have witnessed over the past few years the disintegration of the music industry is upon us. And with every end comes a new beginning. Man and Wasp hails the destruction and rebuilding.

By way of Washington, DC, Gothenburg, Sweden and parts unknown emerges Man and Wasp. An international creative fusion featuring Shelby Cinca (Frodus, Decahedron, The Cassettes), Mike Schleibaum (Darkest Hour), and HÃ¥kan Johansson (Division of Laura Lee, Frantic Mantis).

In keeping in the true Washington, DC DIY spirit, Man and Wasp sends its sonic transmissions free of record label ties. Standing alongside countless other peers and loudly announcing a call to arms to this Electronic DIY modus operandi as "Data-Punk" (Note: do not mistake this term for a genre).

For too long we, as music lovers, have been berated with snappy catch phrases, mass marketing campaigns, and "Sounds-like" stickers. We have watched the championing of style over substance into a subculture that once felt urgent and poignant. We have watched the exploitation of genres/non-genres as Punk Rock, Indie Rock, "Emo" and [insert-new buzzword here] by underground-cum-mainstream culture. We mourn as both music and art are shredded by commerce machines once claiming "underground" solidarity and re-evaluate the situation at hand... Where is music that says something and answers to nothing?

And here in the chaotic maelstrom of digital culture we find the methods of sustainable and artist-related/self-curated music. Music in its most purest form, direct from artist to listener with only our current digital-age to thank for its distribution. Man and Wasp present: "Close the World, Open the Next." Born, Recorded, Produced, and Designed solely by its 3 members in an undisclosed Washington, DC basement. Contained within this release is the passion and love for music that can only come from 3 friends, 3 musicians who create for only creations' sake. Herein lies a band that is not a business at heart but a band at heart.

Discover the music for yourself on the band's MySpace page. If you enjoy the music and wish to support future creations/shows, purchase the record on iTunes or other electronic outlet for $3.99. Here the listener can be sure with a purchase of this record they will be supporting the band directly. All proceeds will further Man and Wasp's agenda, to make music for those who love music. And to sting the blackened hearts of the jaded and faded ones.

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