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Whitechapel guitarist leaves band

Whitechapel guitarist Brandon Cagle has officially stepped down from his position in the band as he continues to recover from a motorcyle accident that has left him unable to play. Zach Householder, who had been filling in for Cagle in recent months, has now taken his place on a permanent basis. Cagle has issued the following statement: "I just got back from the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, the number one hospital in the country for Brachial Plexus injury. Which I have in my right arm from my motorcycle wreck on April 28th of this year. I'm going to need surgery to restore the function in my arm. At the moment I'm unable to move my arm at all, I can only shrug my shoulder. Even after the surgery I need, it will take a few years for all of the function to return to my arm. So I was not kicked out of the band, I'm just unable to play, so Zack is replacing me full time. Now that I've address that issue I have a small request of everyone. I don't have health insurance so I'm having to pay for the surgery out of my pocket. I have to put a $10,000 down payment to get the surgery. The biggest problem is that I only have a 9 week window to get the surgery in. If I wait to long the surgery won't help me, so I need it ASAP! My request is if you could spare a $1 to help me get my surgery that would be much much appreciated. Donations can be sent to my Paypal account. My account name is If you don't have a Paypal and would like to donate you can send it in the mail to: Brandon Cagle 7555 Chatham Circle Knoxville, TN 37909 Or at shows... the band will have a donation jar. Every cent can help. If I can get this surgery I will be able to have a some what normal life. May even be able to play guitar again and write more of the music you all love! Even if you can't donate any money I still appreciate all of you for supporting the band!! Without you we would be nothing! Thank you so much."

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