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Nodes Of Ranvier drops off tour

Nodes Of Ranvier has cancelled their second tour in two months, announcing that they will not be able to participate in the All Shall Perish, From A Second Story Window, and Emmure tour, which kicks off this week in Michigan. The group has issued the following statement: "We are really sorry to tell you that we are not going to be able to go out on the All Shall Perish/FASSW/Emmure tour. We were all looking forward to this tour more than anyone, but due to a family emergency we are no longer able to go. We tried as hard as we could to find a fill in but on the few days notice we had, it just wasn't possible. We really apologize to anyone who had planned to come see us, the bands on the tour, and everyone who helped put this tour together. Please go and support all the bands on the tour when they come to a town near you, they are all amazing bands, definitely not a tour to miss! Hopefully we can be back on the road very soon and make it up to all of you. Sorry again and thanks for your support!"

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