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Exodus cancels Mexican shows

Wed, October 17, 2007 7:40 PM PT2,311 views

Official press release: Exodus will not perform the announced Mexico shows on October 25th-27th on their upcoming South American tour. The band was booked under false pretense by a promoter who failed to fulfill even basic requirements, logistically and financially. It later surfaced that promoter in question was involved in other show related controversies earlier this year when a world-known trash metal band from Europe had to cancel a planned Mexico appearance last minute and advance tickets sold in Mexico were not refunded to the fans. Exodus is sorry to let down their Mexican fans but after failing to meet several deadlines for deposits, airfares and supplying production information, the promoter made it impossible to realize those shows. As of today, six days to originally planned departure from the U.S., the band did not receive any information regarding equipment, lodging and internal transport; neither airfares nor guarantees were paid.

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