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Countervail drummer calls it quits

Our buddy Seth Brown, the guy who runs Status Recordings, announced yesterday that he was leaving the band Countervail for good. The future of the band is uncertain at this point. Here's a portion of the statement from Seth: "This is my reality check. I have been in Countervail for 2 years now and I am almost 25 years old, and Countervail (since I decided to replace the former drummer) was simply a part time band. It has become way too part time. Some people leave bands because of schedule conflicts, maybe lack of interest or some just see it as the band has run it's course. I fell all these emotions towards Countervail, so I have officially quit. For a long time it has been virtually impossibly to write new songs, and that was the main reason I had joined the band in the first place. In quitting I feel like I might be leaving the band empty handed, which sucks, but this is what I have to do. I would like to thank the band for all the great times we had, the fans who came and always supported us. Quitting a band on good terms is a great thing and a great feeling, so I have no room in this letter for negative slandering towards Countervail. No gossip here for you gossip hounds. I wish Countervail the best of luck and really do hope they find a new drummer and remain a band."

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