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Paint It Black completes new album

Paint It Black has finished up their new full-length. The effort was co-produced by J. Robbins and Oktopus (of Dalek) and will hit stores in early-2008 via Jade Tree Records. Frontman Dan Yemin recently commented on the production process: "We were excited that J. and Alap/Oktopus were willing to co-produce this album. It gave us a couple of pretty amazing opportunities: first of all, we got to have multiple perspectives on the songs and the recording, which just sort of expanded the possibilities. We were able to have the confidence that comes with working with a trusted and familiar producer, but also the "wild card" element that you get when working with someone new, especially someone from outside the community of engineers and producers that typically work with punk and hardcore bands." "I wanted to work [Oktopus] because Dalek's recordings sound totally insane, and I wanted to bring some of that to Paint It Black. Also, it's clear from their recordings that he understands how to really blow out the low end. I'm into that. Hardcore albums usually are over-focused on guitar and treat the bass as an afterthought. It's time to put that style to rest." "I think there were new influences from both producers: Oktopus brought a density and texture to the recording that we never would have found without him, and not the density that comes from the typical HC overkill of 6 guitar tracks. Also, J., who works with a really wide variety of bands, had just finished a month-long session recording the new Modern Life is War album before us, which I think was a really different kind of project for him, and the ideas that were generated during those sessions about how to best document aggressive music were still fresh in his head when we got there."

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