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These Arms Are Snakes, Pelican to release split

These Arms Are Snakes has announced plans for a split release with Pelican. The effort should be available late this year via Hydra Head Records. Here's a word from TAAS on the matter: "[Pelican will] redo one of their old songs and we added parts to it and we'll be redoing one of our old songs and they add their own flavor to it. Brilliant. We promise to not redo a shitty old song."


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die_die_die 9/18/2007 2:06:26 PM


christianzombie 9/18/2007 2:10:32 PM

yay pelican can ruin one of their old songs now.

MarginError 9/18/2007 2:20:13 PM

cool idea, builds on the usual "band trades songs" trend.

pukeskywalker 9/18/2007 2:24:04 PM

post modernnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

scotty 9/18/2007 2:25:12 PM

this sounds promising.

YouAreSceneAsFuck 9/18/2007 2:37:50 PM

Oh sweeeeeeet!

salvarsan 9/18/2007 2:40:41 PM

fcking awesome. can it top the Harkonen split ep?

truthsayer 9/18/2007 2:51:41 PM

salvarsan 9/18/2007 2:40:41 PM can it top the Harkonen split ep?

arsonaut 9/18/2007 2:54:17 PM

this will suck

scaggs 9/18/2007 3:33:04 PM

fck the haters both of these bands make me fill a sock

FutureWaves 9/18/2007 3:40:48 PM

scaggs 9/18/2007 3:33:04 PM fck the haters both of these bands make me fill a sock

whatswrongwithme 9/18/2007 4:01:42 PM

dope... im stoked

pongo_pigmayis 9/18/2007 4:31:07 PM

word. pelican's good shit

walkertexasranger 9/18/2007 4:44:16 PM


xtodayithawx 9/18/2007 4:45:19 PM

what the fcking fck, pelican...these arms are lame

kidswithguns 9/18/2007 5:13:53 PM

facking sweet.

feh 9/18/2007 5:43:56 PM

i am excited?

Severedintwo 9/18/2007 6:11:45 PM


xote 9/18/2007 7:52:27 PM

Pelican can do no wrong. These Arms Are Snakes can do nothing right. This split will be weird but I'll want to hear it.

xomertax 9/18/2007 9:49:57 PM

I like both bands but Pelican is alot better then These arms are snakes. This will be interesting

victorcharlie 9/18/2007 10:08:29 PM

fckin' A man.

devilondemand 9/19/2007 9:24:10 AM

both of these bands used to be better than they are now

Konstrix 9/19/2007 11:41:05 AM

these arms are snacks

get__offyourcross 9/19/2007 1:23:29 PM

both these bands are good but these arms fcking blow live

milkmatters 9/20/2007 12:45:50 AM

looking forward to this...

xscarlitox 9/20/2007 2:36:45 AM

ahahahha, way to go backwards in your career gays

thevenaedge 9/20/2007 10:15:11 PM

i dont know how anyone can honestly listen to these arms are snakes and enjoy it

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