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The Assailant breaks up

Seattle's The Assailant has called it quits. Here's a statement from singer Ryan Claudon: "I am deeply saddened to have to tell everyone this but we have decided that we are going to be throwing in the towel. We have 2 shows this weekend another show on September 21st with Heiress, Helms Alee and Blues and then we will more than likely be having a final farewell show in late October where we will be playing almost all our songs, including 18, 22, and 20. That being said, I hope all of you can come out and see us one last time before we call it quits. We really appreciate everyone who has helped us out in any capacity through out the years (there is a lot of you) and to all of you who have come to one of our shows in the past, it has really meant a lot to us. This band has meant the world to me and has been my life for these past couple of years. I have so many great memories and I am very heart broken over this whole thing."

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