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Dillinger Escape Plan unveil new vocalist

Friday, October 12, 2001 8:59 AM PT / 4,643 views
The Dillinger Escape Plan has officially unveiled their new vocalist. Hailing from Baltimore MD, Greg Puciato made his debut with the band last night in New York City. DEP's Ben Weinman was kind enough to provide Lambgoat with some additional information regarding the new guy. Here's what he told us: "As you know we had an mp3 without vocals up on our web site, which would allow people to download and tryout. We received over a hundred cds and tapes but one stood out over the rest. It was funny because when I popped in the tape I really didn't expect much. Most of the submissions consisted of very death metal or weak vocals. As soon as I heard his voice a big smile formed on my face. He sent us two versions of our song. One singing pretty much exactly how it sounded on our original cd, and one where he just tried his own style. Both were really impressive. He had the timing perfectly and his voice was strong and very versatile. From there we had him down to practice with us twice before we made the decision. He was so determined. He was willing to travel anywhere just for the chance and when he played with us it sounded like the fucking CD. That was really crazy considering the craziness of our arrangements and the speed that we play them live. The next step was just jamming with him to see what he could do and that was also pretty impressive. He really had a lot of balls and wasn't afraid to jump right in. We all agreed that he was on our level musically and determination wise so we went ahead and said 'ok your playing a show with us on Oct. 11,' and he was like 'fuck yeah!' That's pretty much it. We have no idea where this kid came from, but we are sure glad we found him. He is a real nut case!"

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