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Trustkill Records signs Soldiers

Monday, July 30, 2007 7:40 AM PT

Trustkill Records has officially signed Long Island hardcore band, Soldiers. Notably, the group features current members of Trustkill band, This Is Hell. Formed in 2006, Soldiers released an EP with Five Point Records last year and had originally signed with Eulogy Recordings, though the deal has apparently since disolved.

According to singer Rick Jimenez, "We're really psyched to be part of the roster and involved with people we trust and like... which is a hard feat when record labels are concerned." Meanwhile, Trustkill owner Josh Grabelle states: "I've known Rick and Dan for a while now and when I heard the new songs I was blown away, it really took me back to the feelings I had when I first got into hardcore and started going to shows. This shit is real."

The band's Trustkill debut, "End Of Days," will hit stores on October 2nd. For now, you can listend to some of the tracks from their EP release here.

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