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Hell Within announces new singer

Wednesday, July 18, 2007 9:47 AM PT / 4,749 views
Just a month after Hell Within vocalist Matt McChesney joined The Autumn Offering, and Hell Within subsequently announced that he was still a member of their band, the group has indeed announced the addition of a replacement. Now joining Hell Within on vocals is Brian Roy of Massachusetts. Here's a statement from the band: Hell Within is proud to announce that we have a new singer. We would like to welcome Brian Roy as the new vocalist of Hell Within. Tony, Isaias, Joe and Derek are still friends and brothers with Matt as we always have been. We wish him the very best with his new project and future endeavors. Brian will be performing with Hell Within for their East Coast Tour making his debut on 7/28 at The ADC Center in Southbridge MA. Thanks to everyone for the support, we look forward to seeing you on the road."

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