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Demiricous among victims of Indy robberies

Official press release: INDIANAPOLIS, IN - A stretch of recent robberies, from the Shurgard Storage Center (now Public Storage) located at 933 North Illinois Street in downtown Indianapolis, have left numerous Indianapolis based bands in shambles. Tens of thousands of dollars worth of music equipment is missing with little, to no assistance being offered by the facility or the Indianapolis Police Department. Around 7:00 PM on Wednesday, June 27th, members of local bands Demiricous and The Dream Is Dead arrived at Public Storage for an evening of band practice. Upon arriving, they discovered their storage unit, located on the third floor of the facility, empty and ransacked. Local based bands Demiricous, The Dream is Dead, Two-Bit Terribles, Whiskeytits, and Black Arrows of Filth & Impurity, among others, occupy rental storage units at the downtown location. Bands that have been affected by this string of robberies, have endured losses of an estimated $25,000.00 worth of musical equipment. "No one kept track of the serial numbers of their equipment, I am just sick over this", said Jared Southwick, guitarist for The Dream is Dead. More frustration is setting in due to lack of help from authorities. Although police reports have been filed by many of the band members, local police authorities claim that there at 5,000 theft cases ahead of them. The Public Storage facility will not release surveillance videos and are not cooperating with the victims. "They honestly don’t act like they care at all", says Southwick. Most of the equipment, now in the hands of the soulless robber(s), holds sentimental value and is irreplaceable. According to Dave Britts, member of Black Arrows of Filth & Impurity, "the storage facility had several cases of theft over the last few months and did nothing to warn the tenants, not even something as basic as a flyer. It’s mind blowing". Typically, stolen music "gear" appears at pawn shops in and around the city and online re-sale sources, such as EBay. "We want to make sure the media is aware of the bands’ situation and ask them for help, to stir things up with the storage facility and authorities. I want to help make sure that area pawn shops, music stores, and online communities are on the look out for specific equipment", said Erin Mullen with and friend of many involved. "Unless you are part of this local music community, you can not begin to understand how detrimental this is. This potentially robs Demiricous, a nationally signed touring band, the livelihood of touring this fall with their new CD release. The remainder of the bands affected, are key players in our local community. It’s a tremendous set back, as a promoter who is relying on some of these bands to perform at scheduled events and to everyone that support our friends at their shows. It is devastating." says Mullen. For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release or a complete listing of equipment stolen, contact Erin Mullen or Mark LaFay. Erin Mullen Director of 317.714.6632 Mark LaFay Owner of Middle Coast Management (Manager of band Demiricous) 317.710.2099

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