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Birds Of Prey recording new album

Birds Of Prey recently entered Sniper Studio in Moyock, NC to record their second full-length album, "Sulfur and Semen." Birds Of Prey teamed up with producer Vince Burke to track a number of new songs and two Iron & Wine covers. Advance song titles include: "Satisfy the 45", "Lice Halo", "Where Black Lungs Don't Breathe", and "Turning Big Rocks Into Little Rocks." "Sulfur and Semen" follows up the band's debut album, "Weight of the Wound," and is expected to see a late-2007/early-2008 release date via Relapse Records.

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bombs_away 6/27/2007 4:15:06 PM

foist poist

Mike 6/27/2007 4:21:33 PM


RalphWiggum 6/27/2007 4:23:58 PM

great news

sacralplexus 6/27/2007 4:25:02 PM

shitty band

brokenhero 6/27/2007 4:48:52 PM

sweet ass news. i am excited.

Powerandtheglory 6/27/2007 5:31:13 PM

Awesome news.

swampthang 6/27/2007 6:13:39 PM

worst relapse band in history

lordanny 6/27/2007 10:37:10 PM

Vince is the shit. Good dude, good recordings.

hardware 6/28/2007 9:41:37 AM

Bird of Ill Omen

tardarm 6/28/2007 9:56:13 AM

mixed feelings about this band will wait and see

limpbizkitequalstight 6/28/2007 2:12:53 PM

more like birds of ghey

arsonaut 6/28/2007 2:53:39 PM

very cool idea.. but i hope this release isnt as repetative as the last..

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