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Rosetta finishes new album

Philadelphia's Rosetta, has completed their latest effort, titled "Wake/Lift." The album was co-engineered by Colin Marston (of Dysrhythmia, Behold The Arctopus) and Matt Weed of Rosetta. Weed explains: "Wake/Lift is the first that we haven't engineered completely by ourselves, and also our first to analog tape. Colin Marston of Dysrhythmia took care of the drums for us, and we're tracking everything else in our own (Jane Doll) studio. The production has jumped up a few notches since our earlier records --- just due to outside insight, some new gear, and a ton more experience on our part. In the end, it won't sound 'slick' because we're not into that, but we are shooting for as much clarity as possible. We want it to have a wide-open quality, but still be dynamic enough to smack people in the face." "Musically, it picks up where we left off. Paradoxically, it's both more technical and more experimental. We have moved in a more melodic direction, with more contrast between the heavy and the soft material. I would almost say it's not a 'metal' record anymore. It's post-post-rock tuned down to hell with lots of screaming. Imagine Mogwai fighting Pink Floyd at a Coalesce show... on a space station." Here is the track listing: 1. Red in Tooth and Claw 2. Lift (part 1) 3. Lift (part 2) 4. Lift (part 3) 5. Wake 6. Temet Nosce 7. Monument "Wake/Lift" will see a fall release through Translation Loss Recordings and will include artwork from Paul Romano (Mastodon.

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