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Trap Them finishes recording new EP

Trap Them has finished recording their upcoming EP and Deathwish Inc. debut, "Seance Prime." Here's a statement from the band: "We finished the mixing of 'Seance Prime' on Sunday at Godcity with our spiritual distortion advisor, Kurt Ballou. All in all, we spent the last four days in Salem, Mass. finally getting to track the songs we've been working on for the last few months. Joining us for the session was Nat Coghlan and Scott DeFusco on bass and drums, respectively. As for details about the EP, I'll say this: we passed the third stages of Ninja Warrior in the following categories: riffs, lyrics, and songs. We love it. You should, too. If not, cut your ears off and give up on life. Distortion and desperation has been turned up to eleven. Prepare..." Deatwhish will release the effort this fall.

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