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The Showdown shoots new video

Tuesday, May 29, 2007 6:02 PM PT / 2,432 views
Last week Tennessee's The Showdown began filming their first music video with video director Doug Spangenberg (Norma Jean). The video is for the track, "Temptation Come My Way." Filmed on the same grounds used by MTV's Jackass crew, the video will reportedly "reflect the band’s 80s style and features some serious explosions!" Frontman David Bunton says, "This music video captures the true spirit and feel of The Showdown. No holds barred, heavy metal, pyro, and headbanging. That's what we’re all about. The goal for our first video was to give people a small taste of how rude we can be live. Heavy metal is plugged in and loud. Heavy metal is the law." "I was amped on the song as soon as I heard it," says Spangenberg. "We kept it simple and shot the band shredding their faces off in a field with a shitload of pyro. In retrospect, I'm surprised they made it out with only light singe marks. They're great dudes, and I look forward to barbequing with them this summer on Ozzfest."

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