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Paint It Black prepares new album

Paint It Black is currently finishing up the writing process for their next album. The effort will be co-produced J. Robbins and Oktopus. Here's a statement from the band: "This is a really exciting time for us here at Paint It Black HQ. We've been hard at work polishing up the new songs for our next album, and we finally have all the logistics mapped out. This album will be co-produced by J. Robbins and Oktopus (aka Alap Momin). The initial tracking with be done in Baltimore at the Magpie Cage by Mr. Robbins, who in addition to recording/producing our last album, 'Paradise,' and being the founding member and primary songwriter of Jawbox, has numerous production credits to his name, including the soon-to-be-released new Modern Life is War album, the Black Cross full-length, and emo-pop masterpeices such as Braid, Jets to Brazil, and Promise Ring. We have a long-standing relationship with J. both as friend and colleague and are thrilled to be working with him again. We're especially excited to be joining forces with Oktopus, who for the uninititated, is the genius behind the apocalyptic wall-of-sound that is Dalek (Ipecac Recordings). As a producer/engineer, he's pioneered an innovative sound in independent music, forging a unique synthesis of sounds that is equal parts Swans, Public Enemy, My Bloody Valentine, and Sonic Youth. After putting initial tracks to tape in Baltimore, we'll relocate to DeadVerse Studions in Northern NJ for overdubs, sonic tinkering, conceptual overhauling, low-end theory, and mixing. For those of you who are getting worried that this is sounding too wierd or experimental, rest assured that the backbone of this album is still straight-ahead Hardcore Punk, equally inspired by Minor Threat, Poison Idea, Black Flag, Ignition, Embrace, Naked Raygun, with lyrics inspired by both political frustration and personal and redemption. The songs are still short and to the point. We just feel that Hardcore is always at risk of getting stale and aesthetically rigid, and feel a responsibilty to keep pushing it into new territory. We can't wait to get started."

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