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Zao loses drummer

Friday, May 4, 2007 8:11 PM PT / 7,813 views

Zao is once again without a drummer as Josh Walters, who just joined the band in late-2006, has officially left the band. Here's a statement from guitarist Scott Mellinger: "Just to let everyone know, Josh Walters will not be playing drums for Zao. He is very involved in his work and doesn't have the time needed to do anything music related. We do have a friend that will be learning some stuff and hopefully be playing with us very soon. Once we solidify the drummer position we will be playing some shows in our area and possibly be playing Cornerstone Illinois. Zao is not dead, We have every intention to do shows and records in the upcoming months. All the support you guys have given us has been awesome and it drives us to keep this alive."

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