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Mikoto set to record new album

Mikoto will enter the studio next month to record their debut full-length, titled "We Are The Architects." "Our dreams are finally being realized in the assembling of our first full-length. We have gone over these songs with a fine-toothed comb as we wanted to ensure that the songs were the best we possibly can release. There are too many bands around today that don't take the care and effort into releasing a quality product, we are not one of those bands," says vocalist Ray Harkins. The band will enter Los Angeles studio Infrasonic Sound (Mars Volta) from June 10th-June 28th with Saosin's Beau Burchell (The Bled) at the helm. Beau previously worked with Ray Harkins in his previous band, Taken. "The relationship already existed and I thought what is the harm in asking Beau if he has any time off in the near future to record us. I made the phone call and Beau immediately jumped at the opportunity to spend his time off in June hard at work with us" states Ray Harkins. Mikoto is currently unsigned and looking to entertain options. Interested parties can contact the band here.

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