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Darkest Hour uploads former band's album

Monday, April 30, 2007 9:01 AM PT

Kris Norris of Darkest Hour has issued the fourth installment of his solo series. This time around, the focus is Disinternment, a melodic death metal band Norris started that recorded in 1996 with current Darkest Hour drummer Ryan Parrish. Comments Norris, "After numerous talks of reunion shows [I'm] putting this record out officially finally, whatever, I'm fed up with it. I'm sure the other dudes will be pissed but fuck it I just want people to hear it so here it is. Yeah it sounds horrible we were like 16-17. And it was done in one day one take situation."

Jason Mincz - Bass/Vocals
Ryan Parrish - drums
Kris Norris - Guitar/Vocal/Acoustic/Piano
Tommy Lythgoe - Guitar
Chris Barron - Guitar/Acoustic

You can listen to the record online here.

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