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Sumerian Records signs Born of Osiris

Friday, April 27, 2007 11:07 AM PT / 5,918 views
Chicago-area metal band Born of Osiris have signed a deal with Sumerian Records. The label will release the band's debut album, "The New Reign," which was produced by Michael Keene (The Faceless). After the album's August release, Born of Osiris will hit the road on a North American tour with Winds of Plague, Catherine, Beneath the Sky and At The Throne of Judgement. You can check out a few songs from the album here.


some_kind_of_palsy 4/27/2007 11:29:37 AM

first post. who

first_bloodlust 4/27/2007 11:35:35 AM

Born of Openis

alexcreate 4/27/2007 11:36:28 AM

*likes* ='[

gokillyourself 4/27/2007 12:17:38 PM

news reel: ash is about to screw over another band this just in.

forumdrama 4/27/2007 12:18:15 PM

oh my god, get a new vocalist.

plaguebearer 4/27/2007 12:54:57 PM

graduate high school

gozer 4/27/2007 2:27:47 PM

they say they are from a town right by me, and i have never heard of this band before.

MikeDeadworks 4/27/2007 3:02:56 PM

my sister lives in palantine, lol at these losers

Chaosphere 4/27/2007 3:12:07 PM

They used to be Your Heart Engraved, then they became Rosecrance. I believe Born of Osiris is a new name they got as soon as they signed. Awesome dudes, awesome music. Good to see someone from home get out of this crapdump.

ferret_kid 4/28/2007 1:17:28 AM

This band's music is fcking banging, perfect guitar tone. Also, for "gokillyourself", I think you mean "news reel: ash is about to build another band a career because he has an eye and ear for real talent and knows what the fck he is doing."

ChoppinxHeads 4/28/2007 2:15:09 AM

amazing band.

sammyapples 4/28/2007 4:29:20 AM

awesome dudes, awesome band. Super stoked for those guys.

jessecuster 4/28/2007 2:49:00 PM

keene machine!

XeLALeX 4/28/2007 5:57:32 PM

Very talented kids very happy for them

DONTaskMEiJUSTplayBASS 4/29/2007 7:18:40 PM

grats to both BoO and Sumerian. fcking br00tal band...broseph

tardarm 4/29/2007 8:25:35 PM

holy shit this band sounds like everyone else getting signed good for them and their hard work @ writing boring music keep up the goodness guys

gozer 4/30/2007 8:46:09 AM

on further research..its just YHE and RC, why another name change? getting kinda crazy.

shaihulud2k1 4/30/2007 10:06:16 AM

fckin rosecrance. stoked for those kids.

kingofallkings 4/30/2007 6:22:55 PM

this band sucks, they can't even play their songs live cause their drummer writes everything. untalented minus that dude, good job at writing nu metalcore

anchor 5/3/2007 8:02:10 PM

Yeah, they're drummer does write everything and their live performance isn't so tight. they used to be Diminished -> Your Heart Engraved -> Rosecrance -> and now Born Of Osiris

Domine 5/4/2007 12:33:04 PM

I'm so sick of this fcking band. Bullshit bands like this keep popping up in my neighborhood and getting signed.

Johnndoe 5/11/2007 2:14:31 PM

the people that talk all this trash on this page are all foam and no beer. jealousy is dangerous. born of osiris has talent. recognize bitches.

nandez 1/13/2008 1:12:28 AM

flip your van over

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