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A Perfect Murder loses bass player

A Perfect Murder bassist Francois Michel Labrie has officially left the band. Labrie has issued the following statement: "Before I joined the band, I had the chance to grab a university degree. I put a hard time and money into this. Lately, I have been offered to work in the field I have been studying for the last years. This offer has so many advantages that I just could not refuse it. I must also say that playing in a band on a full time basis like A Perfect Murder was getting more difficult for me. Everybody knows how rough it is to make a living out of music, and I must admit that I had a rough time mixing the band and doing shitty jobs to be able to pay for a rent, bills and everything related to a decent living. All of this means that I can’t dedicate myself a 100% to the band anymore, so leaving is the best option, for myself as well as for the band. I want to thank Carl, Yan, Kyrill, Kevin and everybody who has been involved in A Perfect Murder. The last two years have been the most incredible time of my life. I will keep good memories out of it, and I wish the band will get the success it deserve with the next record, which is an amazing record by the way. Also, I have a special thought for the parents of Carl, Mr. and Mrs. Bouchard. Thank you for everything you’ve done for the band. I would like to thank my family, my girlfriend and my friends for their never ending love and support through all those years. My last thought goes to each and every fan of A Perfect Murder all around the world who supported the band in any way. I had an amazing blast playing in front of you guys. Now, it is just time for me to move on to another step in my life. But once again, thanks for all the great moments." Consequently, A Perfect Murder is currently seeking a full-time bass player. Candidates should have experience, professional gear, and a willingness to tour consistently. For more information, send an email here.

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