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Eyehategod reissue cancelled

Tuesday, April 3, 2007 11:30 AM PT / 4,060 views

Canada's Moshpit Tragedy Records has scrapped the planned reissue of Eyehategod's "99 Miles of Bad Road" CD at the band's request. In a recent email to Moshpit Tragedy, Eyehategod bassist Gary Mader wrote: "We have been debating on whether or not to do this re-release for several reasons. First and most important, we feel that Emetic Records has been better to us than any label we have dealt with, and for that we feel that we owe some loyalty to them when it comes to any release. Finding an honest label is a rarity these days, and since we've got one, we'd rather not ruin that relationship. Aside from that, we are just less than enthusiastic about releasing yet another retrospective project. There are already three full-length CD releases like this, and if I remember correct, we left these tracks off of 'Preaching...' because some of us thought they were substandard." Moshpit Tragedy co-founder Rayny Forster commented in a statement: "We have no hard feelings and also want what is best for Eyehategod, Emetic Records and the fans. If they don't think it is a worthy release, we'd rather not release it. I have been in contact with Mike [Williams, Eyehategod vocalist[ and we still plan to release something from one of their many side projects in the future."

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