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Gather calls it quits

Sunday, March 11, 2007 6:01 PM PT

California hardcore band Gather has called it quits. Here's a statement from singer Eva Genie:

"I'm very sad to announce that Gather is breaking up. Our guitarist Allan decided to leave the band for his own reasons. (He's still vegan, still straight edge, still down for the struggle.) Gather has been a sort of family, more than just some kids playing music together, and so it is impossible to simply replace a member; without any one of us, it's simply not Gather. We are going to play a last show or two with some of our best friends in Seven Generations, Socialized Crucifixion, and Risen, most likely during the second half of May. We want to have a Southern AND a Northern California date. Seven Gen. and Soc. Crux. are both important parts of the California radical vegan straight edge community. Risen is one of the few vegan straight edge bands holding it down in the Midwest. They've all been huge inspirations for us and really made us feel supported over the years.

I want to thank everyone who has supported us over the last three years or so. To anyone who has written to us, anyone who has told us that we've helped them go vegan or become active for animal/earth/humyn liberation, anyone who has asked us questions and debated with us, helped us or challenged us: thank you so much. I've learned a lot and have been inspired by every one of you. Also thanks to all the bands we've played with, everyone who helped us get a show, gave us a place to stay and food to eat. This punk/hardcore community would be nothing without you.

This is all pretty sudden for me; I imagined Gather would be playing shows and making music until I blew out my vocal chords (which I guess I almost have), and I'm sad that this isn't so. But either way, we all still believe in everything Gather stood for so we'll spread our message of Total Liberation through other means. Until this entire civilization is in ruins, the struggle continues."