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Indian prepares new releases

Illinois doom band Indian are finishing up a slew of new songs and heading into the studio with Sanford Parker (Minsk, Lair of the Minotaur) at Volume Studios in Chicago. The recordings will be released as two separate LPs by Seventh Rule Recordings this year before an eventual combined CD release in December. The first, entitled "Slights & Abuse" is due out this summer with its companion, "The Sycophant," following in the fall. Indian is also scheduled to appear at this year's Emissions From The Monolith Festival, taking place in Austin, Texas (rather than Youngstown, OH) for the first time since its inception.


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CuntSnot 2/28/2007 10:25:39 PM

first pooooost

yousuck 2/28/2007 10:51:54 PM

this band fcking rules.

I_AM_FUCK 3/1/2007 2:53:20 AM

Sweet, good band.

arsonaut 3/1/2007 3:21:27 AM

so))) goo)))d

gozer 3/1/2007 8:55:53 AM

being from IL...i have never heard of this band, till a few weeks ago, when my neighbor said she dated someone in it.

yousuck 3/1/2007 11:02:22 AM

you shouldve downloaded the cd when i did a ysi

Godfatherofsoul 3/1/2007 1:10:35 PM

Awesome news You fcking love talking about yourself don't you gozer.

seekerdestroyer 3/1/2007 6:21:36 PM

Two doom-slabs of pure evil. This will undoubtedly melt your turntable and cover the floor in the thickest, blackest of audio tar.

StormFront 3/1/2007 7:28:55 PM

good band

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