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Soilent Green new album update

Hardcore-sludge outfit Soilent Green is set to release their second full-length for Relapse Records. The new album, entitled "A Deleted Symphony For The Beaten Down", is scheduled for release on September 18th on CD and LP format. The album was recorded late last year with Dave Foreman (Eyehategod). Following its release, Soilent Green is expected to tour the U.S. and Europe. Here is the album's tracklisting.
  1. Hand Me Downs
  2. A Grown Man
  3. Swallowhole
  4. Afterthought of a Genius
  5. An Addicts Lover 6. Later Days
  6. Clockwork Of Innocence
  7. Daydreaming the Color of Blood
  8. Last One in the Noose
  9. She Cheated On You Twice

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