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Vital Remains new album details

Vital Remains will be releasing their new album, Icons of Evil, on April 3rd, 2007. This is the band's first album since 2003's Dechristianize and features the same lineup of founding member Tony Lazaro, Deicide frontman Glen Benton and Dave Suzuki. Production was handled by Erik Rutan of Morbid Angel and Hate Eternal fame, who most recently has produced the latest efforts by Cannibal Corpse and Goatwhore. Lazaro had the following to say about the album: "A big thanks to Erik Rutan, who really worked us to near death in order to get us to deliver our best performances, which we think we did without a doubt! We thought Dechristianize was a tough album to record, but this effort proved us wrong. This album, hands down, sets the bar for death metal. We think our fans will soon agree without question that this is our Reign In Blood." Additionally, here is the album's tracklisting: 01. Where Is Your God Now 02. Icons of Evil 03. Scorned 04. Born To Rape The World 05. Reborn: The Upheaval of Nihility 06. Hammer Down The Nails 07. Shrapnel Embedded Flesh 08. 'Til Death 09. In Infamy 10. Disciples of Hell


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Har_Har 2/16/2007 10:33:52 AM

1st post?

BruceWayne 2/16/2007 10:57:43 AM

This sounds hilarious.

vdburns 2/16/2007 11:05:50 AM

I will likely enjoy this, maybe burn some bibles.

CuntSnot 2/16/2007 11:20:10 AM

Will be hard to top Dechristianize... but this will be the shit, mos def

xRYBREADx 2/16/2007 11:48:35 AM

with songtitles like that, this album will slay. i can't wait some more epic as fck leads.

yougottold 2/16/2007 2:58:13 PM

Not front page? "Let the killling BEGINNNNNN!!!"

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