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The Faceless seeks new drummer

Saturday, January 27, 2007 4:07 PM PT

Encino, CA metal/death metal outfit The Faceless recently parted ways with drummer Nick Pierce. Consequently, the band is in search of a replacement. Guitarist Steve Jones has issued the following statement:

"Only being in the band for about 3 months, Nick was a great drummer and held everything together very well. He will be trying out to be the new drummer for the Black Dahlia Murder! We wish him the best of luck and we appreciate all the time he spent on the road with us. Good times! We also want to take this time to publicly thank Nick for recording our title/instrumental track of the album 'Akeldama'. He did a great job on that song and adapted very well to the style necessary for giving the song the vibe we were looking for. Along with that we'd like to thank the other drummers to took part in the album as well.

Nick Pierce- Track 7
Andy Taylor- Tracks 2 & 5 (Diskreet)
Navene Koperwies- Track 4 (Animosity)
Brett Batdorf- Tracks 1, 3, 6 & 8 (Penatralia)

Before you all ask, the reason for all the different drummers is because at the different stages of the very long and constantly changing recording process, we had changed drummers for one reason or another. For example the album began as a 4 song EP (which are not tracks 1 3 6 & 8) after Brett Batdorf was no longer in the band and Andy Taylor began to play with us we decided it should be a full length. Unfortunately he could only be in the band for a certain period of time, so he only recorded 2 tracks (2 & 5). But 6 songs is hardly a full-length album, so we asked our good friend Navene to record a song for the album (track 4). After that we asked Nick to join and along with that to record the instrumental track for the album (track 7).

So with all that aside and behind us, WE ARE LOOKING FOR A NEW DRUMMER TO JOIN OUR BAND! We are looking for a drummer who has a unique style, good feel, great knowledge of different time signatures and poly -rythyms, familiar with tempo changes, being capable of drumming comfortably at speeds up to 240 (blasting and 16th notes on the feet at this tempo) and any other attributes that will mesh with or even add to our music. We have talked to a few people but we are still interested. So if this description sounds like it might be you or somebody you know and you/they are ready to tour your ass off and have a great time doing it, you might be the one for us! send us a video of you playing our songs "Pestilence" and "An Autopsy" and a video of your self playing in your own manner. All submissions or any inquiries can be emailed tothefacelessdrummersearch@yahoo.com. Good Luck Nick Pierce, and to all of you who choose to try out."

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