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Relapse to reissue ANb/Converge split

Relapse Records will reissue the 1999 split release between Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Converge, "The Poacher Diaries," on January 23rd (January 29th internationally). "The Poacher Diaries" reissue has been completely re-mastered by the team of Scott Hull and Nick Zampiello of New Alliance East and features nine tracks from grindcore masters Agoraphobic Nosebleed along with five Converge songs, including live-favorites "Locust Reign" and "My Great Devastator." The re-issue artwork will remain the original work of artist Derek Hess.


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The_Extremist 1/20/2007 7:28:02 PM

heyy maybe there wont be too much bass this time eh?

xtroyx 1/20/2007 7:28:26 PM

sounds awesome. one of my favorite releases.

BAMRightINThePisser 1/20/2007 7:41:32 PM

Once again, slow to react. It's old news.

roger 1/20/2007 7:47:27 PM

slow to react? What is this, tennis?

squids 1/20/2007 7:57:54 PM

no care ever. break up already dorks

_atab_joey_bishop_ 1/20/2007 8:02:39 PM

already own it, no care

Lazer_Beast 1/20/2007 8:24:25 PM

I own it, but I'll probaly download the remaster.

Tim_Diesel 1/20/2007 8:26:40 PM

lame. the original sounds fine.

onemoremotherfucker 1/20/2007 9:51:04 PM

That's great! I've not been able to find that one for a while now...

I_Wear_Norma_Jeans 1/20/2007 10:26:45 PM

4th Converge reissue in 3 years?

JohnnyJohnny 1/20/2007 11:22:47 PM

my favorite converge material.

MarginError 1/21/2007 12:07:52 AM

The bass heavy production on the converge tracks is what I love about this release.

arsonaut 1/21/2007 2:05:09 AM

i thought those live versions were on the hellchild split?... and these were the originals...

justinbean 1/21/2007 2:21:32 AM

best work converge has done.

Nowonmai 1/21/2007 2:22:57 AM

to be honest I never bought this, so, hell now I can get the remastered one.

rochtv 1/21/2007 2:57:15 AM

first first post.

grudgeagainstastranger 1/21/2007 3:04:23 AM

Coverge----they're seeing $$$. this was a good release though.

forumdrama 1/21/2007 4:44:35 AM

"grudgeagainstastranger 1/21/2007 3:04:23 AM Coverge----they're seeing $$$. this was a good release though." Yeah, I bet they can't wait to make millions on this re-release...

xihaevrespectx 1/21/2007 8:45:00 AM

good. my copy was stolen.

MarginError 1/21/2007 9:06:29 AM

these aren't live tracks, arson, they're "live favorites."

thisisforever 1/21/2007 9:13:19 AM

that original art is the best fcking art converge has in any of their releases. god damn

treblinka 1/21/2007 10:40:26 AM

You build a widget in Saskatoon, and before you know it...

vertigo_index 1/21/2007 12:09:54 PM

roger 1/20/2007 7:47:27 PM slow to react? What is this, tennis?

motherfckzombies 1/21/2007 12:32:25 PM

These were the best songs converge wrote and the best era of converge period.

BenSY 1/21/2007 12:37:24 PM


BAMRightINThePisser 1/21/2007 3:13:37 PM

In other news Abraham Lincoln has been shot.

DownedCity 1/21/2007 4:51:26 PM

badass, that'll be cool,

xCERVIXDESTROYERx 1/21/2007 11:21:09 PM

converge isn't seeing $$$ on this release, relapse is. both bands made fck all on this album. shame, amazing album

rickrock 1/22/2007 9:23:58 AM

Best split record I own. Best material from either band.

mattmyblood 1/22/2007 2:15:39 PM

This is pointless.

dean423 1/23/2007 1:43:44 AM

Best news I've heard since No Heros dropped

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